Blessed Be, Wanderer.

Common fascinations of nocturn dawn leaves the heart yearing more for the arcane song.
Trembles through the earth send a shockwaved blast.
Its emminating fury of is wrath at last.
The heavens part ways and shed the names of man.
The gods set foot of their ancient land.
Tragedy of shadows from a rue-filled history.
The gods will demand their allies to assist in victory.
Brothers and sisters all shall unite, to pay homage to the gods that give us life.
Night turns to day in the endless war.
The ancient bricks of mosaic walls lay littered on the shore.
Peace, love and light
from your astral sister

Blessed be, wanderer.

by Amastacia
41-45, M
1 Response Oct 24, 2011

hmmm.... nice!

Yes Morningbreeze I loved this poem by Amastacia...I wanted to share it with everyone...