The Universe And Its People Are Incomprehensibly Empowering

Am I the only one who feels this electric jolt when I think of the world I am living in? Am I the only person bursting with pride in my race? I look around myself and I am nearly floored b what's around me. When I'm working my mind drifts off and the reality hits me. Look at this ******* cement, this strong box full of any goods desirable. Look at the people, handled so efficiently with such purpose. Look at the ******* screen in front of me. Look at the intricacy of the delicate equipment. Who would have ever thought this to be possible? We turned shrubs and pre-existing random land into this personalized world designed solely for us. We took over, plowed the land and covered it with intricate infrastructure; magnetic trains and personal travel pods going every which way, towers taller than mountains, people easily conveying ideas and pleasantries in unique tongues. A singular species created this. And it's growing, becoming ever bigger and greater. And you are a part of it; an integral part of the system. You are a human being on the same level as everyone else. Presidents, prime ministers, celebrities, and astro-physicists; we are all the same as you; people. You can be anything, and we depend on you to better the world. And you truly can. There are people, strangers, family, friends, and foes, that will help you with every corner you round. For no reason apart from the fact that you are a man, just like them. Just like everyone you are a man, stumbling your way through life and by sheer luck not ******* up. The entire planet is doing the same, and you can guide it. Think of the amazing power you have. Think about this world custom tailored for YOU, a man. Am I the only one astounded by the sheer power of this all?
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Yes.<br />
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Just kidding :)

Hehe, clever one, aren't you?

No, I'm just hilarious

Noted :)