Existence Ceased To Exist In This Ephemeral But Beautiful Dream.

Please listen to this orchestration while reading, as it was what was playing in the background, and i feel it would help pull you closer to my situation.

It's known, that when we gaze off into the distant black void of the night sky and stare the stars and beyond; we are seeing not the present, but rather, the past.
The further we look into the sky the further back in time we see, as it takes light a huge amount of time to reach our certain position in the universe.

In this dream, I had seen the edge of the universe dutifully and dramatically failing, and with great speed was reaching the unsuspecting spectators on earth. As we continued to argue and kill one another over futile matters our past, present, and future was about to be forever erased from time and forgotten among the motionless void in which nobody or nothing, would exist.
The history of humanity was suddenly, and sadly, whispered to me by it's creator.
Our triumphs, our failures, our perseverance, our intelligence, our beauty, our imperfectness, all had been given to me within a single breath.
A breath that was saying sorry.
A melancholic tone that was saying: "I have to do this".
And then, i understood just fine with no objection.
Such a hardworking species, with such a harsh end to its reign imminent.
Amidst the distant galaxies is where i stood, peering at the distant 'end of existence' to my left, speeding noticeably towards earth, to my right.
Such a personal feeling, to know everything and everyone i had once known and have yet to know is about to vanish.
As i stood in between the two, i wondered what was it all for.
Why had existence been so ephemeral, and why could the human mind ponder upon infinity with existence being merely finite.

I accepted not my death, because when you die existence still remains.
Instead i had accepted the end to my existence. The end to all there ever was, all there ever is, and all there ever was to be.

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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

That was beautifully depressing lol

I did, very much and the music was a nice touch.

It felt like you had me in a trance. What a beautiful piece of writing. I think the greatest of thoughts come to you when you are staring into the night sky. Just staring into the Universe (staring back into the past)
A stunning piece of orchestra to go with it.