Beauty In Chaos

I like to think of myself as a fan of chaos.

The funny thing about chaos is that if you pull back the scope, you're looking at order, no matter how chaotic.

Grains of sand on a beach, stars splashed across a night sky, the mere fact of temporal existence, is all an exercise in averages, means, order.

Search evolution: those that are best suited (the mean) to an environment, survive.

Search mating: those that are best adapted (the ideal, an estimated type), mate and survive.

Search nature: equilibrium is the guiding principle of all existence.

I cannot look upon anything in this world without marveling that for every deviation, there is enough of the norm or enough of the opposite to mediate an average.  The universe exists in constant balance, in observance of laws, in relation to itself, a constant set of contradictions and reaffirmations.

I am amazed at the balance, and am assured by it that my chaos only brings further order.

I am obligated and proud to be the chaos that matches the order.

flirtswithdisaster flirtswithdisaster
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4 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Thank you for sharing this amazing story it really has got me thinking.

I was referring to the fact that whether you see chaos or order usually depends on what level of detail you are looking at and the ob<x>ject itself.

Thanks...well of course perspective matters. That is self-evident. In what sense does it not? Obviously, if one considers oneself an "agent" of order, then one's role is defined in those terms. Empirically, there has to be a balance or neither would endure.

It all depends on the perspective. Nice writing