What Time Is It There?

      Looking into the cosmos and seeing all the galaxies with myriad stars is awesome enough but when I recall the light from some of them has been travelling thousands and thousands of years it's even more mystifying because they may not even exist now, having blown up as supernovas or collapsed into black holes!

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Hmm, an interesting analogy! Voices of the Angels perhaps?

... another stuff from the closet of my bro ^^,<br />
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that light from the dying stars.... it's just like voices of singers who already died but being taped we could listen to their beauty again and again...

aka - nice observations. Anyone who says they are bored only need look into the night sky for perspective.<br />
Some famous guy said "Not only is the Universe stranger than you think, it's stranger than you CAN think"!

Yeah, that is amazing. That's the mysterious thing about the vastness of our universe. A sun so far away, we can still see the light from when it was burning, even after its become a white dwarf. There's so much to know and its always changing and improving our view. Great story freeed.

Do you think there is a stargate here on the planet?

At least the three of us can be amazed. Doesn't seem to be any wondering at why the light took so long to get here - the very reason UFO's probably never made the trip from wherever to here!

WE WANT PEACE! WE WANT PEACE!! Peace to everyone who reads this. Peace to everyone who never reads this!<br />
As I and others say: "Can't we all just...get along"? Too bad that when Jack Nicholson said this the Martians ray gunned Congress [c'mon, SOMEBODY must remember that sci-fi spoof].

Mars attacks right? Love that movie, and the x-files, that show will get ya thinkin

I agree BlackHole :-). It is infinitely awe inspiring. I could very well, stare at it all night. I haven't done it yet. I would, with someone agreeable to do it too. How fun would that be?!! It is so perfect, so peaceful-looking. And yet you know that great violence rages in areas too. Amazing. I guess it could be said that it is a metaphor of life. Everything has its time, even hardship. But we LOVE PEACE! <br />
Peace to all, Ev :-)

I couldn't agree more!