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More Dimensions Than 4

Has anyone ever speculated that, similar to a two dimensional sheet of paper floating in a three dimensional sea the Universe could be completely surrounded by something bigger? We are confined to 3 spatial dimensions and one time, but what if that's just a shadow of a larger reality?

    String theory seems to speculate "YES".

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Believing that reality is 10-11 dimensions, of which only 4 make an impact on our senses, is what "string theory" is all about. I don't like string theory so wont say more about it here. A physicist who has worked hard to be an ambassador of string theory to educated lay people is Brian Greene.

If you saw Greene's "explanation" of how the microdimensions coexist, he zoomed in on a metal suspension wire that appears 2D from a distance but up close accomodates crawling ants and grooves for them to move in. When you think of it, these are ALWAYS embedded in the 3 ordinary spatial dimensions. I know, analogies break down but still...

The dimensions in excess of the four familiar to us from our everyday experience are assumed to be "tiny." These dimensions are mathematical constructs needed for these mathematical theories to work. There is no laboratory evidence yet in support of the existence of those dimensions. The notion that physical theory works better if we posit extra dimensions goes back nearly 100 years to work by Kaluza and Klein.

The problem with String Theories is just that - NO laboratory evidence, and foreseeable possibility of experimental verification which leads many physicists to dismiss it as mere philosophy!

I agree with you.

i think that it is genneraly accepted that the civiloizations on earth reach a certain level of development and then are destroyed and then comes a period of dark ages then they begin to climb up to a certin level again.kind of a vicious circle if you will..

Not a "vicious circle" but "everything must pass." Schumpeter wrote of "creative destruction." I also like the Hegelian dialectic. Everything in human affairs gives rise to its antagonist. The conflict between thesis and antithesis leads to the death of both, and the emergence of a compromise called synthesis. A synthesis immediately becomes a new thesis and the process repeats indefinitely. The man (George Hegel) who proposed this pattern in human affairs is very far from my favourite Dead White Male, but I very much agree that he was onto something deep and general.

Asimov's Foundation Trilogy is built on this theme. Also that remarkable meditation on the Cold War that is the Canticle for Liebowitz. In the year 900, Rome was an inconsequential village, headed by an inconsequential man called the Pope, whose messages to bishops took months of travel and were very easily ignored. Such was the decline of the western Roman empire. The American empire too will decline one day.

heinline was my favorite author i read all his books (several times) to bad he passed awayjob was pretty interesting i even read grumbles from the grave. now i have read about all of Piers Anthony's<br />
xanth novels. once in a while he comes out with another one and i greedily devouer that one too.

String theory is VERY mathematical and at this time completely hypothetical. It has a few more than four dimensions.<br />
I always wondered why nobody allows for two or three "time" dimensions; it's always one time and X spatial dimension.

isn't that what we do or propose if you traveled in time .you would have to travel from one dimention in time to reach the others?

String theory is fascinating.

I'm risking being branded as a kook, but there are...experiences... in yoga that are similar to but radically different from ordinary sense perception.<br />
All I'll say is that when, as the Sufis [Muslim mystics] call it "the eye of shiva" opens one "sees" what isn't normally seen. I know what an hallucination is - this is different. Some may call it the "third eye" but let me tell you that MOST people will live and die and NEVER even suspect these well recorded roadmarks. "The Secret Life of Doctor Ranade" speaks of many; good luck finding this out of print book. Yogis for thousands of years gratefully have been overlooked by "normals" so their works survived. The Bible refers to Ezekiel having a vision of a "wheel, way up in the middle of the air". These visions are a human birthright, therefore not monopolized by one sect, no matter how powerful. A great Christian saint was reported to have said something like "things have been revealed to me that make all else appear as straw."<br />
That's it for now, kids...see my other, spiritual stories for a broader perspective. God Bless Us All!! Peace, Out.

Think I've heard of it but haven't read it. Does this mean you consider more dimensions possible?