More Dimensions Than 4

Has anyone ever speculated that, similar to a two dimensional sheet of paper floating in a three dimensional sea the Universe could be completely surrounded by something bigger? We are confined to 3 spatial dimensions and one time, but what if that's just a shadow of a larger reality?

    String theory seems to speculate "YES".

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String theory is VERY mathematical and at this time completely hypothetical. It has a few more than four dimensions.<br />
I always wondered why nobody allows for two or three "time" dimensions; it's always one time and X spatial dimension.

String theory is fascinating.

I'm risking being branded as a kook, but there are...experiences... in yoga that are similar to but radically different from ordinary sense perception.<br />
All I'll say is that when, as the Sufis [Muslim mystics] call it "the eye of shiva" opens one "sees" what isn't normally seen. I know what an hallucination is - this is different. Some may call it the "third eye" but let me tell you that MOST people will live and die and NEVER even suspect these well recorded roadmarks. "The Secret Life of Doctor Ranade" speaks of many; good luck finding this out of print book. Yogis for thousands of years gratefully have been overlooked by "normals" so their works survived. The Bible refers to Ezekiel having a vision of a "wheel, way up in the middle of the air". These visions are a human birthright, therefore not monopolized by one sect, no matter how powerful. A great Christian saint was reported to have said something like "things have been revealed to me that make all else appear as straw."<br />
That's it for now, kids...see my other, spiritual stories for a broader perspective. God Bless Us All!! Peace, Out.

Think I've heard of it but haven't read it. Does this mean you consider more dimensions possible?