My Friends Cat

My friend had a heart attack ( thank god he is alright) but what may of saved him was his cat. This cat is not a lap cat but that day he would not leave my friend alone he sat on his lap and pawed at his chest, my friend is blind and called another friend of his to explain the strange behavior of his cat. His friend came right over and suggested that my friend go to the hospital to be checked out and right away. So they went, at the emergency room while waiting to be checked out he had a heart attack. Animals know more then we will ever know. I live in Florida and just before the Hurricanes of 2004 I noticed all the lizards and ducks in our community had disappeared a few days before the Hurricane showed up. The animals new long before us and now when I hear about a Hurricane coming our way I watch the animals if they stay we will be fine and they have proved this over and over again in the last 6 yrs.
Phoniexx1 Phoniexx1
Jul 19, 2010