Just a Moment

I looked across the cool blue pool at you.   Your little heart, body and soul seemed to stop for a moment.   Floating there,  you closed your eyes.   The sun is too bright.   You looked so perfect.   You are so perfect.   All day you go and go,  but in that moment you were so still.    The moment seemed to linger.  I moved my body slowly towards you,  I never wanted it to end.  I desperately wanted to know what you were thinking about.  And I know you were thinking about something.   Your mind and body work overtime.   That is why you sleep so well.   I got so close...but you heard a voice and the moment was up.    Next time.   Next time I will move a little quicker to get to you.  These moments go by so quickly.


Lilt Lilt
17 Responses Jun 18, 2009

You are welcome, Frito. <br />
We just came in from another swim. There was not a single moment of stillness from the kid today. But I barely moved. It's almost 100* today!

But you so captured that moment for us.<br />
Thank you.

Thanks for dropping by, balboaguy.<br />
I don't know where the little guy's question came from. Hippies and hobos aren't exactly front page news.

I loved your story Lilt and your hobo/hippie response got a laugh too !<br />
<br />
Andrew, kids ! They'll do it to you everytime.

I always tell kids the "truth," as I see it.<br />
They deserve that.<br />
<br />
Andrew, I will go see the photo. You are the best uncle...ever.

You are a riot Lilt. Great answer.

I told him that hobos are always on the move.<br />
Hippies ask to spend the night, then stay for 2 months.

Your little man comes up with some good ones. Maybe you should respect his piracy.

Truly affectionate and intrinsically innocent-beautiful language. <br />
Thank you for sharing, Lilt.

The hippie and hobo question made me laugh. :D What was your answer Lilt? This will give us some great insight into your mind.

I ask him all the time. Only at that moment, I couldn't get to him soon enough :(<br />
The last time I asked him what he was thinking, he said...<br />
<br />
"I'm just wondering, what is the difference between a hippie and a hobo?"

I remember once when K was about 5 she was lying on the floor next to me, all quiet, just sort of lolling. I asked her what she was thinking about. "Mom, why am I here?" It blew me away.<br />
<br />
Ask him next time.

You know, Mondegreeny, sometimes life is truly that simple. I hope that is what he was thinking.

I wanted to so desperately, Myo. I was on my float and moved my arms and legs awkwardly, but slowly, to get to him. I really needed to know.<br />
<br />
Speechless, that would have been the answer one of my other boys would have given, for sure!

Maybe he was just thinking of how good the heat of the sunrays feels on his skin. <br />
Beautiful Story Lilt

*sigh* I know these moments and they were so long ago. They just grow up too fast. You should ask him what he thinks about when he's in his thinking place.

What do you think he was thinking about ?