Revelations Of God

I've been praying lately for God to draw me closer to Him. I wanted to love Jesus more and fellowship with God the way I once did. He began to reveal things to me. He showed me more of how much He loves me. It is so big, so powerful, only a bit of it can be received at a time. Man is made in God's image. I used to think that meant God had a face, arms, legs. No, it means he has a mind, heart, soul, and spirit. He feels things. He has emotions just like us. He gets lonely, hurt, angry, joyful, peaceful, hopeful-just like us. HE loves us and if we don't notice HIm he feels hurt. It's like when my husband ignores me and it makes me feel so worthless. If He gives us gifts and we don't thank Him , if they don't make us happy but we want more and more, HE gets sad. When I give a gift I want to know it made the recipient happy. When I"m lonely I need a freind. So does God. I don't need a million fans as much as I need a personal one on one relationship with one special person. Same with God. He wants a personal relationship with me and you. I am amazed to realize how like God we are. We have the same emotional blueprint. We need affirmation. So does God. HE loves to hear long lists of all the ways HE is so great. It encourages Him. WE need love, so does God. We are made in His image. But He is not stained with sin so HE does not feel hatred or greed, selfishness or pride.
Siberia1000 Siberia1000
46-50, F
Dec 12, 2012