Do You Ever Feel Like This Is The End?

oozy oozy
9 Responses Feb 17, 2010

still one of the best photos on the net today.<br />
<br />
Leonardo would of undoubtedly been gob smacked.<br />
<br />
awesome pic 0ozy makes me feel like living again. :)O

Wonderful interpretation..<br />
Appreciate your insights MONARCH.

Can't add anything other than wow! what an amazing pcture and I agree it depends on which way you look at it whether it is awe inspiring and shows the power and awesomeness of our natural world set off by a person who is by size is insignificant but his demeanour could be taken as depressed or just a comparison. I think it could depend on the mood you have at the time or artistic interpretation. Not the best answer at all but thanks for the opportunity to see this and connect with you and others sharing this piece.

OO,<br />
what a picture, now i can fly.<br />
do chipperchicks have wings?<br />
<br />

What can one say about this provocative capture? The depth of field is phenominal between the closer pointed appendage and the blurry background. <br />
<br />
I love the pop of red in the model's clothing and the way he is slumped over tells a story in itself. <br />
<br />
WOW. Amazing.

i am glad i learnt swimming, so even if i push myself over the edge, i am pretty sure to turn around when i realize it as a mistake .

That's where I am now...

Great pic and I agree with lalas comment

Yep, but sometimes it's moments like this that make you feel the most alive. It's good to scare yourself once in a blue moon, as long as you don't scare everyone else in the process.