My Lifetime Journey Of Discovery Of What Women Have Between Their Legs.

It's vulva, not vagina. Penthouse mag appeared on the scene when I was an undergrad. It muscled market share away from Playboy by publishing soft focus pics of hairy vulvas. Playboy soon matched, mainly with shots from behind with the legs together, again soft focus and dim light. In the 1970s and 80s, I often found back issues of Playboy or Penthouse in the guest bedrooms of people I stayed with. The girls were sufficiently hairy that the images were seldom very explicit.

I first saw a vulva photographed under strong light, shaved and oiled, when I read my first and only issue of Hustler; I was 25. Less than appetizing.

In 1988, bought and read Betty Dodson's Sex for One. The explicit drawings, and Dodson's overall attitude, changed my life.

I discovered internet **** in 1997, and saw that the vulva was bared there as it had never been before. The very explicitly raunchy magazines of earlier years had been very easy to avoid. I did not become a connaisseur of internet **** until after 2000. I am not a "member" anywhere, and have never gone through an adult check. There's still quite a bit to see out there for free. Early last decade, I noticed that trimming and shaving had become the norm, and read that even Playboy playmates were now bald. So many women shave now, that the full bush is mainly a fetish thing.

The digicam has made it possible for any woman past her 18th birthday and whose residence includes a broadband connection, to shoot explicit stills and videos of herself, and upload them to amateur websites. Many everyday women are now cyberwhores, taking PayPal money for showing you their vulvas. For the first time in human history, anybody can see what tens of thousands of women look like under their knickers. The variety in vulvas Betty Dodson documented 40 years ago is the truth. Women over 40 are doing this. Fat women. Women who say they have been married for decades. Women who are hopelessly ugly. Many who do this do nothing to conceal their faces. In fact, their faces often betray pride and strength.

The whole notion that a woman should feel extremely modest about that portion of her anatomy is being pushed back. The vulva, even shaved, has moved from hardcore to softcore. I would not be surprised if what's on the internet today merely anticipates what will be on display at a fair number of beaches and indoor pools within 30-50 years, and is already on display in warm weather in teutonic and slavic Europe. Many of us will come to accept that the law and public opinion cannot decide how much a fully adult woman can reveal of herself. Women simply cannot be forced to be more modest than they desire to be.

This frankness is not all to the good. Young women have become obsessed with grooming that part of their anatomy, oblivious to the fact that pubic hair is mother nature's g string. Thousands of young women think that their inner labia are too prominent and will give rise to sexual rejection. They then have their labia surgically trimmed, oblivious to the fact that ample labia are highly erogenous.

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Why do we have hair in the first place. Under our arms? On our legs? On men's faces? On our genitals? I have heard that the hair there is the left over of our evolving from hairy all over to what we have left. Why is there hair on the shaft of a penis? Albeit, not much except a few sprigs, but it makes one wonder? Men lose hair on their heads, why not in the genital area? Or do they? I've never seen an OLDER man's genitalia. I must be one of a very few women. I have hardly any hair and very small genitalia. Go figure.

Yeh. I don't understand why bald cunnies are so popular. Some say it s more enjoyable to go down on, and that may be. But I prefer the look of the beard at the bottom of the belly. I miss it.