My Boss Called Me And Said


He said boss.

First time that has ever happened.

A person in a higher position(lol) apologized.

What happened was he only put me on next weeks roster for 2x 3.5 hour shifts...I was so annoyed, as 2 new girls who started last week, and who I helped train, got more hours than me.

I called the big boss, my bosses boss, and asked why I had so little hours...after getting some lame excuse from her, she said I could have some buddy shifts to learn different work that will allow me more hours...So I agreed to that and was happy to have at least had my say in the matter.

So today I get a call from my boss, apologising profusely about his mistake, he said he was new at rostering and didnt realise he gave me so lttle hours...he apologised  about 3 times.Well that made me Happy.For a minute, anyway.
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36-40, F
Feb 24, 2011