I Think People On Ep Are Respectful of Others

I honestly don't see a lot of stories where people are attacked for their religious beliefs...maybe I haven't seen those stories, but in general there is a lot of tolerance of other peoples opinions.

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hey mike baby, i havent seen the religious intolerance either but in terms if just regular opinion respect and tolerance i think people are getting worse on here with that. there are some real opinion nazis, that will tell you off at the drop of a dime if you dont agree with them. so just watch your back hun. love ya.

Ah...the good old days....and you tell the kids today, and they look at you like you are daft!

Well MY Grandad used to have a specially prepared matchbox lined with cotton wool....then he'd ask you if you wanted to see his chopped off finger that he still had....of course I was eager to see this ......he'd open the box then when you were looking at the finger he'd make it wriggle!! ....he had cut a hole in the bottom of the matchbox and stuck another one through! <br />
Oh such simple entertainment we had!lol

My grandad had a white tip to one of his fingers because he lost it in an accident, and even though they sewed it back on it didn't have a proper blood supply-that used to scare me as well!

I was Ok about that because my Grandad had a stumpy finger too! .....I'm also a bit older than you too ;-)

He knew the score.....his stumpy finger scared me as a kid though!

Ah, good ole Dave Allen! : )

My dad always says 'peace be with you' - which also seems to cover most people without offending anyone. I can understand that some people have very strong beliefs either way on religion, but if someone says God bless you to an athiest when they don't know that the person is in fact an athiest then it seems a bit of an over reaction to get offended by it - the person wasn't deliberately trying to offend. <br />
<br />
Like Mike I haven't really seen stories where people are being attacked for their religous beliefs - the only religous discussion i have ben involved in here was with people of very different beliefs and that was very respectful and insightful. So it has been my experience that people on here are very tolerant of others beliefs.

I was thinking more of stories where people were being attacked purely because of their religious beliefs. Then again if you were a Muslim for example, someone saying God bless you as a response could cause problems. There was an Irish comedian who used to say at the end of his show"May your God go with you"-I think he was covering most peoples beliefs with that comment.