By My Girlfriend

 I dropped Skye at the airport on Thursday night so she could go back to the UK for a couple of weeks.I didn'y go with her because I couldn'y get time off work.Since we got back together we've hardly spent a night or day apart...needless to say I'm missin her somethin fierce!

She continues to amaze me, even when she's out of the country she can make my head spin.Since she left we've talked on the phone at least twice a day,emails and text messages too.I had a really bad day at work and text her to say how tired I was and how much I wished she could be at home when I got there.She text me back and said I should have a bath and relax.

I got home to an empty apartment and ran a bath,I lit some candles put on some music got the fluffiest towels I own and my bath robe.I soaked in the bath for ages then realized the water was gettin cold and it was almost time to call Skye.

I dried off,put my robe on and noticed there was somethin in the pocket, it was a wee note from Skye it said

I hope you took my advice and had a relxin soak,I wish I could be with you but it won'y be long til I am,I'm missin you so much Petal and I'm sure you're missin me just as much.I want you to do somethin for me,I want you to go out onto the balcony,look between the Lillie's and the lime tree love you xxx

At this point I'm thinkin what the hell are you up to?Out I went to the balcony in between the plant pots was a wee box,I opened it to find a key with a pink and blue ribbon and another note.The second note said

Ma wee pet,I love you more then I ever thought possible to love another person.This key is for another box I've hidden under the bed xx

I ran to the bedroom,got the box from under the bed,turned the key inside the box was a smaller box on top of it was a note that said

Call me before you open this one x

I grabbed my phone hit speed dial #2 ( Skye's UK number) she answered straight away.I said Hiya Hun what are you up to? just havin breakfast pet, no says I with the notes what you up to? Ah you found them..aye I did I've been runnin round like a lunatic, whats it all about? can I open the box now? Aye love go ahead..I undid the ribbon took the lid off,inside was a par of snow white baby booties,I could feel the tears rollin down my face, ach sweetheart they're gorgeous but we won't know for a while if I'm pregnant yet..she said I love you and I know its no a sure thing yet but we will have a wee bairn, I saw these booties and I had to get them,I'm no there now but I'll be back soon, I told her I loved her too and can'y wait to have her baby.We talked some more then she had to go.

I sat on the bed holdin the booties then the buzzer went it was my friend Tammy,I buzzed her in and got dressed, she arrived at my door with a bouquet of red and white roses. I said hi and thanks but what are they for? she said they're no from me...I looked at her puzzled.

I opened the card they were from Skye the card said

there is a roses for each day we'll be apart the red ones are for love the white ones are for unity all my love S xxx

I started to cry again and realized that Tammy was there I just looked at her she told me that Skye had the roses delivered to her in the afternoon and organized for her to come stay with me.

Like I said she amazes me!

I am lookin forward to startin a family with her I lover her so much.



annabellef annabellef
26-30, F
Mar 21, 2009