Ambidextrous And Stammering?

I grew up being the only leftie in a family of six, so I learnt to do many things right-handed too. Often my dad would laugh when he found the lock on the front gate totally opposite to how any one else would lock it. Washing cars etc, was easier since when one hand got tired, I would simply switch, or if it was inconvenient to use one hand, I would use the other! One interesting idea though...I am the only one in our family to stammer. I wonder if this is connected to my being ambidextrous?
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I have become ambidextrous due to a traumatic brain injury that I suffered from 25 years ago from a very serious car collision. My dominant right hand still is slower and weaker than my left. My left hand has better fine motor skills than my right. This makes threading a needle real interesting since neither hand does this naturally. I always clean left handed due to my right tiring easier. Over time I've learned to compensate and get by just fine. I am grateful for what I've been through and what I can do.

I am sorry to hear of the accident but I am happy for your strength in dealing with it!

sarah, it seems possible that there's a link. do you seem to stutter more when you get excited too?

I stuttered for my entire childhood. I had 7 years a speech therapy as a kid so that I can speak as fluently as I do today. I am somewhere between ambidextrous and left handed, I have a lot of trouble keeping things straight since both of my hands like to be active at the same time, it's hard to keep track of what both of them are doing without getting to confused! I have heard that there is a part of the brain that control language that develops in either the left of right part of the brain, but for some people develops in both, in these situations the two sides of the brain half to work together to talk, and this effects the fluency of speech causing a type of stammer sometimes.

I have never considered ambidexterity and stammering being connected, but since they are both related in that both are brain centered activities, you may have an interesting point.

Interesting, it very well may be because I stammer and am ambidextrous as well.