Ambi All Over The Place

i write left handed , do all under hand activities with my left hand ie pool , throw etc . all over hand activities i do right handed , throw, punch etc i eat left or right handed depending on which side of the couch im sitting on, i kick balls right footed yet prefer to kick straight in front of me using my left foot, i smoke left handed but prefer using my right hand when i drive, in high jump i run a left handed persons direction but jump with my right foot, play cricket and golf right handed but focus on using my left hand when doing  sports in a right handed position. it feels like anything that needs precision i do left handed and anything that needs strength i do right handed, but if i try to swop it doesnt work. i cant play pool right handed i cant play cricket or golf left handed i cant throw under hand right handed i cant throw over hand left handed, i cant run a right handed position and jump right footed. its like i can partly do things left handed but to complete i must use my right handed side and vice versa. its like going left then sharp turning right , or going right and sharp turning left. i have an incredibly fast reaction speed, if im about to fall i can quickly adjust, if something is thrown at me with out me being ready i can suddenly catch it, its like i can feel whats about to happen just before it happens. wierd.....
mrpowers mrpowers
26-30, M
Aug 13, 2010