People Assume I Am Left Handed

This is quite a funny story that happens fairly frequently at work. When I write something down, use a hammer or use scissors (I am an engineer so lots of tools will be used) with my right hand no one will think anything of it, but I could suddenly swap to my other hand and almost instantly the person forgets I was just using my right hand and their reaction is "Ahh, you're left handed I see!" Or something along those lines.

It has happened with different types of people but they tend to be right handed so not sure if left handers will have the same reaction.

I can throw, write, bat and use scissors with both hands pretty much dead even. So I have no problem swapping. I am also wondering if anyone else who is ambidextrous stutters a bit when talking? I have noticed that I do quite a lot and it can take a while for me to actually say the word I want to. My spelling and grammar is fine, I just can't get the right word out every now and again. The last thing I am wondering is, my hands seem to want to swap all the time randomly. I could be doing something with my right hand and suddenly I will end up doing it with my left, then back to my right and vice versa.

Anyone else have similar moments with people or these problems with stuttering and hands swapping?

I am also ambidextrous with my feet as I can shoot, pass and whatever else pretty much dead even as well. So this might play a roll with my stuttering.
darthmarlow darthmarlow
18-21, M
May 5, 2012