Basically Everything.....

Basically everything that i can do with one hand i can do with the other.... i am naturally right handed but a couple of years ago i decided to teach myself how to write with my left hand.... so i did and now i can do basically everything that i could do right handed, left except play the bass for some reason i play left im not very good at playing right handed, its kind of

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it wasnt really that tiring. it just took supreme and like ultra

ouch. that must have tired you out.

you just have to be super like just watch how you write with your right hand and then basically just mimic it with your left hand. what i did was just write the alphabet over and over again several times a

i wish i could do that... can you teach me?

yeah its a pretty useful trick to

now that would be really useful.... maybe i'll try it one

That must be useful. I feel like training myself to be ambidextrous now that I know it's possible lol. I wonder if you could train your brain to think in two separate ways. Then you could write two completely different things at the same time, like two essays or something.