A Southern Voice

I used to hate having a southern accent. Now I am glad mine stayed and love to hear anyone else with an accent not just southern. Even Northeastern accent is cool to me it does help identify you as being from somewhere and makes me think a person stayed true.

The south is also getting a much better reputation maybe that is in partial thanks to Jeff Foxworthy. hee hee

The south has also produced all of the recent leaders of the free world. Think about it.....

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3 Responses Jan 24, 2008

i am very very proud of my hertiage south got bad rap our southern droooooll i am from beafort sc forest park ga monroe nc charleston sc now kansas city mo hello yea southern got good moonshoine sexy women

And ourselves. Whatever you are.....be a good one.<br />
Was that a Yogi Berra quote? If not it was one of Yogie's pals.

yes we all need to proud of our southern accent