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Humming Birds

   My fondest childhood memory is of a small winged wonder called the humming bird. I can see them in my minds eye now. They fascinate me with their wings fluttering so fast.........they are just a soft blurr.
   I loved to climb that special tree of pink and white cotton like flowers, so attractive to the humming birds. It's a tree so common to North Carolina called "Mimosa."  I would climb and sit in that tree so perfectly still, and in  a little while the tree would be full of humming birds..
   So fast, in the blink of an eye they'd dart from flower to flower, gathering nectar with their unusally long beaks. I'm very still now, and the tree is full of them. There must be over a hundred humming birds! I'm totally enchanted with the blurr of their wings! Such tiny sweet little bodies, with sudden quick darting movements. I can't believe it! How'd that bird do that?! He got over there soooo fast, now his body isn't even moving, just the blurr of those tiny wings!
   Look at the angles they dart in and out of, oh no!     I jerked my head up too fast, and just like that, in the blink of an eye, they're gone! But where'd they go? I'm soooo mad at myself for moving! Please..........humming bird don't fly away, fly away, la la la la. I'm spell bound and content to just sit in this tree and watch them all day. I love them so.
   I'm a grown woman now and have moved to Oregon thinking I'd NEVER see humming birds again!   But after years I'm in the foothills seeing and feeding those beautiful humming birds!   Ahhh, but not like I've seen in the South, I have memories of those magical humming birds in the trees forever  etched in my minds eye............HUMMING BIRD DON'T FLY AWAY, FLY AWAY.........LALALALA!  
ceywat ceywat 51-55, F 6 Responses Apr 15, 2011

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enjoyed ur story. i'm keeping them fed in alabama.

That's wonderful! My Uncle Don has a tiny albino (pure white) humming bird that comes around every summer, he's smaller than the rest. He takes pictures of them but has never captured one ot the tiny albino! : )

i will keep that in mind and put it on my search list.

While sitting on my porch swing one April afternoon; I heard the sound of hummers, flitting in the blooms These beautiful winged creatures, of majestic hue in flight; Make vibrant sounds of droning, when nectar is in their sight....May you always walk in beauty my friend...:)

Oooooh you "silver tongued devil," gr8jesus do you ever so much have a way with words! : ) Thank you for that, AND for stopping by.

Oh I think U discribed your memories of the dragonfly very well. How sad they've all disappeared? I wonder why. I love dragonflies too. : ) They get pretty big out here in Oregon by the creek. The more water around the more U seem 2 C them. R U in Ireland?! WOW, I've had dreams about being there. I had a flying dream when I was about 19, it was so vivid. I can recall the landscape, buildings, some of the roads were made of old coblestones. I watched a T.V. program years later about Ireland and that dream came flooding back, it was if I'd been there before?! Ha, well yer childhood memories R so sweet and pure I doubt "the men with straitjackets" would come for U!

Your story of the huming bird reminded me of when I was a child (dare I say a little girl?) I was fascinated by dragonflies on hot summer days. OK, I know dragonflies are not humming birds, but they did hover and the wings beat so fast as to be invisible. (And anyway, we have no humming birds in Ireland) Sadly, due to more intensive farming methods, the dragonfly has all but disappeared. On the rare occasions that I might see one now, my family rush to the phone to call the men in the white coats and with straitjacket in hand to take me away. But they have no idea of the intensity of the sweet memories of carefree childhood that these creatures awaken in me. Sadly for me, I don't have the literary acumen to describe the experience in such a vivid manner as you have done here with the humming bird.

Awesome story, thanx 4 sharing and stoppin' by Topbear. My uncle Don back in N.C. likes to take pictures of hummingbirds. I don't know how he does it but he has some beautiful pictures! I was there visiting one summer when he showed me a "special" one at the feeder outside his kitchen window. It was pure white and much smaller than the others! He said it comes back every year!

A few years ago, in a house in which I no longer live, there was a nice porch on which I would sit and ponder things. I had these hanging plants with blue trumpet-shaped blooms on them and, quite frequently this hummingbird would come in to feed on them. He was actually so bold that one day, he simply hovered in front of my face, looking me right in the eye and just stayed there. He is so fast that he hadno fear that I could do anythiing but share that little insight eye-to-eye. It left me with a peaceful feeling inside that I really couldn't explain. As if I were a participant in some small but meaningful thing.<br />
<br />
Mimosas are beautiful in bloom but they do make a mess. I always liked the helicopters though.