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I Am Proud to Be From the South

   I Love my southern accent. I was born & raised in Texas my whole life. My Momma was from Alabama, my Daddy from Tennesee. I work in a call center and talk to people from all over. I get many compliments on my southern accent .

mommatrish mommatrish 41-45, F 2 Responses Mar 4, 2008

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I used to talk to office personnel from our home office from all over, One friend who invited me down for a visit was in Decatur, Alabama. I am from the Midwest and WOW! What a world of difference. I loved every minute of it - especially when they teased me about my "prairie (read: flat) accent. To ME, I didn't have one, but I grew up with the way I talk and I told them (truthfully) that I loved THEIRS.

I am from Texas, too. Both sides of my mother's family originally came to South Carolina where they fought the English. They then went to Alabama, then Texas where they fought the damn yankees. my great grandfather and his 4 brothers all fought for the Confederacy. My great grandfather was buried in his Confederate uniform. The maternal side of my father's family was from Virginia and also fought and hated the damn yankees. The paternal side of my father's family came from Ireland and fought and hated the English. I figure like most Southerners I am about 65% Celt and about 35% Anglo.

Those yankees did to america what Hitler tried to do to Europe, unite it by force. After that, I`m surprised america didn`t side with Hitler.

Hitler was a savage madman who no sane person could satisfy. He declared war on us because we declared it on Japan for what they did in WWII, dragging us into it when we wanted to stay out, and Japan, Germany and Italy were all friends.