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Texan Bell

Born and raised in Texas, I consider myself a Texan before I try to figure out what nationality I am.
I don't know anything about my biological father's side, but I know a little bit about my mother's. I can trace my ancestry back 6 generations of Texans. I don't know why, but that makes me prouder than saying "I think I have Irish in me."
Texas is in my blood, and I definitely enjoy it. :D
meggs4 meggs4 22-25, F 4 Responses Mar 30, 2012

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i would love to visit texas one day am not even an american. <br />
<br />
what makes southern america different from others?

"Down South" is a different culture. Even though Texas was part of the Confederacy this place has its own unique culture. I was born in Florida and live in west Texas.

I see. Great. :--) Maybe because the areas are far from the most popular city in America? Must be beautiful right

I too grew up in Texas. It was once a great state and a great place to live but now it has become over taxed and over regulated. Texans let their personal freedoms go one by one and didn't even notice. But that's true of all the states.

I love the south

Texas was my favourite place to live. Fields of Bluebonnets. Sunshine. Sunflowers. The warmest people that I have ever met. It is as though having the sun all year round makes the people truly care about you. They ask how you are, and they really want to know everything about you. Not here where the same means monosyllabic responses. Texas-where the skies are such a blue I can't find the words to describe them and the sunsets and sunrises so spectacular because the land is flat. They put ours to shame. Where the winters are so mild you can just wear a denim jacket and no boots, no gloves, no hats. And spring arrives so early that you can tan on your deck first thing in March. Texans are friendly wherever they are encountered in this world. Maybe this warmth is part of the reason why you feel the way you do.....Thank you for the memories!

I was born in the Fort Worth area, and lived in Amarillo for 10 years. The sunsets at the end of the John Wayne movies were filmed there because of the spectacular sunsets.

I live in California now, and I miss Texas so much.

I lived in Euless and Grapevine. I liked the oldness of Fort Worth and worked at Parkland in downtown Dallas. Everything IS bigger in Texas! LOL! I miss Texas too, girl.