Southern Hospitality

I've been Southern my whole life.  I was born in Texas (which I am incredibly proud of) and raised in Tennessee.  I still currently live in Tennessee, but I want to move back to Texas soon because it's where my heart and my blood are.

But as much as I love the South, there is one thing that bothers me.  The expectation to have "Southern hospitality."  Now, I'm not saying that I hate Southern hospitality...I actually quite like it.  My problem is the fact that everyone here expects everyone else to practice it and is offended if they don't.  I'm a kind person and love to lend a helping hand.  However, I don't necessarily follow every rule in this nonexistent, unwritten "How to be a Southerner" book.  I don't call everyone who's older than me "sir" or "ma'am."  I don't "bless" people when they sneeze.  I don't call children "sweetie pie" or regard all military veterans as heroes.  I don't smile and say "hello" to strangers walking down the street.  Most of my fellow Southerners do.  And that is absolutely fine with me.  If you want to have Southern hospitality, I respect that.  If you want to be overly polite, I have no problem with that.  You have freedom of speech, but so do I.

That's my problem with the South.  That's great if you have Southern hospitality, but don't expect fellow Southerners such as myself to be equally polite just because I live south of the Mason-Dixon line.  Since when has the southern United States been a dictatorship?  Yeah, some of the things that I choose to do and say may seem rude to you.  Get over it.  Because honestly, the rudest and most inhospitable thing you can possibly do is to tell other people how they have to behave.
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Kill 'em with Kindness Sugah!<br />
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MWAH!<br />
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You still here in NashVegas? <br />
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Texas aint got nuthin in this town Darlin!

Yes, I'm still in Nashville. Well, a suburb technically. But did you seriously compare Music City with the greatest nation on Earth? I don't like you anymore.


I take it all back!! LOL

Franklin, TN if I remember correctly ??
I've been down to the Franklin Theater for a few shows lately..... LOVE THAT PLACE!