Save Your Money Cause The South Is Gona Rise Again !

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jenny thanks for ur reply... even though I didn't put the picture up to create any drama about the rebel flag. <br />
<br />
(the flag is so small, not like it dominates the picture, if I wanted to represent the flag, I would of used a much larger pic.) <br />
<br />
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or to make any one feel un comfy.. I like the saying, cause its represent how I feel ..." by the grace of god" <br />
<br />
and when i was a small child my father quoted the 'southern by grace of god' often.. I have postive child hood memories from hearing him say it.....<br />
<br />
<br />
and it represents a portion of my heritage..."southern" that is why I placed it in the group...> ( I AM AMERICAN SOUTHERN) <br />
<br />
I don't know, iv lived in calif most my life, and i have never ran into any one here, that looks at the rebel flag as a political statement, it boggles my mind....<br />
<br />
on a foot note... California's don't care what people do, or think, or believe. that is why calif, types are called layed back.

Anyone who knows you knows you didn't do it to cause a rukus!
It was good to discuss. To see there are people who see certain symbols flavored by heritage and life experience... the swastika was around for thousands of years as a good thing...crazy how some people can pervert otherwise innocent things.

Also good to try to be sensitive to all people.

i dont know enough, if anyhting, about it .. to have a conversation on the swastika ....

if you mean being sentive, as in open to others ideas.. well i am, that is why i dont block most people from my profile.. and one of the major reasons why i got the hell out of back east....decades a go ..

And I had absolutely nothing against the saying about being southern,. I don't have that kind of attachment to my area, the mid-west, in fact I doubt any other area has that kind of regional attachment as do those in the south. But I see nothing wrong with it--especially since virtually no one believes separation from the US is a good idea anymore. They had a clever program on NPR on April fools day about Texas breaking away to become a separate country, and they had all kinds of intellectuals talking about this as if it had already happened. And while they enjoyed playing the game, not one of them thought it would actually be a good idea. So, my problem wasn't with your feelings of belonging to the South--it was just about some of the baggage that that flag carries with it every time it's unfurled. Cheers!

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In point of fact--sorry to say--the Confederate Flag was born as a direct result of Slavery. Slavery was the issue that the north and south were at loggerheads about for many decades. And it is this issue, and this issue alone that caused the split between north and south. The South characterized it as being a all about States Rights, It was that--except the only issue of States Rights of any consequence that was pushing for the dissolution of the country was slavery. The South was adamant about not giving it up and were fearful about what the future portended. The North was much more densely populated and nearly entirely anti-slavery, so they did not take the reassurances of the Yankees that slavery would always be allowed in the South--especially since the West was beginning to fill up with homesteaders and because of the North's superior numbers and wealth, it seemed clear that the anti-slavery cliche would dominate the West. They could see a time when they would be overwhelmed by anti-slavery states. And then Lincoln was the last straw. He made no bones about the the fact he detested slavery, even though he assured everyone he had no intentions of ridding the US of the institution. The South didn't buy it, and so the Southern States pulled away and constructed their flag--a flag that clearly was constructed as a direct result of slavery--and the disbelief in the possibility of compromise. Note: I don't see the South as being evil in breaking away, or in its support of slavery. They were all trapped within their own culture and lacked, or at least most lacked, the perspective necessary to see what an evil institution slavery was--and what a disaster pulling out of the US represented.<br />
<br />
So yes, the the flag does in part represent slavery--this is not deniable. It also represents intolerance and an unwillingness to compromise. So I, for one, do not consider it it a proud symbol of our heritage. It is an IMPORTANT part of our heritage, I can hardly think of anything more important--but I see it as tragic rather than heroic. It represents not only the scar of slavery and racism and intolerance, but also the needless slaughter of millions. A very sad symbol indeed.<br />
<br />
So, for me, I see it as a perfectly legitimate inclusion within historic depictions, sites representing the fallen dead, educational displays and other such places/situations. But as a symbol to celebrate a culture? I don't think it works very well--there is too much horror, to much hate, too much intolerance and death represented by that flag. These are my opinions. I'm not telling anyone what they can or cannot do. And I'm certainly not going to suggest making its display illegal (like in Germany where in most areas, the Swastika is illegal). But it would be nice if people thought about these issues. But clearly, a number of people wave these flags about with a "**** You!" attitude. I doubt they do much thinking about it.

I agree with this... people forget the swastika was around for 3000 years and perverted by the Nazi as well as the confederate flag has become a decisive small part in the use of both by the KKK and modern day racists.

Yes, the KKK and their ilk have added their stain to the flag, but for me, the major problem is not what was done to it after it was made, but the reasons that contributed to its being made in the first place.

PS--Hmm. There doesn't seem to be a place to vote up or down my comment above. What's up with that?

I don't know enough about the swastika to make an educated argument ....<br />
<br />
and I don't relate it to the idea..... of being southern by the grace of god ..

This is kinda scary

yea, is a saying the south says.... save ur money...

southern people are proud to be who they are.

Nothing wrong in taking pride in your heritage but, the confederate flag was used by some people as a banner for racism ... what are your thoughts on that?

Confederate flag symbol of culture, not hate, non southern types, want to make it into something racism but it isnt.....far from it..

in the last 15/20 years its been an on going debate between southerns and non southerns .. but i didnt put it here to debate, i put it here to represent a part of my heritage.

well, if your asking me about the picture its self... the picture just shows a smidgen of the flag ..the saying is representative of southern people. are southern, by the grace of god !

Gotcha! I've heard a lot of debate on the issue...its a hard one for me... I love the south but the confedrate flag seems as its a bit of a eff you to everyone else...rebel flag ect....
At the end of the day though I know its just a flag, if racists use it doesn't actually make the flag itself racist.... so can I do you feel about a swastika?

There is a school of thought....the argument of the rebel flag, is just a foot in the door for Yankees to still play out the long lost disagreements, between the north and south.

I meant about swastikas.

what is swastikas.

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