What The Civil War Was Really Fought Over

Like most Americans today, the Federal's which have control over what books we teach our children, our schools teach them that the Civil War between the states was simply faught over slavery. Not true. If anyone dared to read southern history books they would find out the truth. It was yr 2 of the war that ol' Abe freed the slaves. That was only because he was losing. Slavery had been around since Genesis. The bible talks of "servents" all through the bible. The Africans have always been a inferior race, read the early history books. Did you know their own tribe's sold them for "goods". Sad but true.

The south wanted to break free of the Federal hold early on but it never really caught hold till ol' Abe was elected. That was shall we say, the needle that broke the camels back. The south didnt like his views on slavery. BTW he was qouted as saying slavery was on it's way out anyways. This was just after TX was made a state and the south needed more land to raise crops and really wanted TX. the Pres. at the time said NO, it wont be a slave state. So when Abe was elected, SC succeded, then more followed. Ol' Abe didnt want to lose any land, Ft. Sumter commenced and the civil war between the states began.

We were destined to lose. We had no steel mills to make ammo. We only had free labor, which wasnt really free. They had to be fed and clothed on a regular basis. Southern Pride won the first sqabbles. Pride alone. Poor Rebels were not fighting to keep slavery, they didnt own any. They faught for Southern rights. We wanted to be seperate from the union. Plus Grant cutting off our supply's damn near starved the whole south, women and children too. The south is still very poor in some parts. But we showed up for that last battle. The stars and bars never run........

It is what it is........today, the south still suffers from the effects of the war. We are still put down because of slavery. The race card is constantly being played. They have taken away the spirit of the white man to stand up and fight against wrong doing esp against them. They put their tail between their legs like a broken dog. It is now 2012, they still b*itch and complain and throw it in our faces as an excuse to over populate and live off the goverment.

Do you ever hear a American Indian complain? This was their land. It was stolen, things were taken without asking. They were made slaves, raped, slaughtered like animals, then made to live on reservations, where they still live TODAY.

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Deo Vindici

Deo Vindici.

Thanks for posting this.I agree with you.reverse discrimenation is legal now.Hope you post more in the future.

Interesting read. Thanks!

Deo Vindici