Used To Talk A Lot Of Trash.

I used to make fun of southernisms and southern people. I've been here so long that I've turned into one of them and realized everyone else I know is one of them too. It's the ignorant rednecks that I don't like. I pretty much hate anyone who specifically tries to belong to one social group. Goth kids. Metal heads. Stoners. Rednecks. Variation is the only thing that makes life intersting, even if repetition and familiarity are the safe and comfortable. I get along with anyone nowdays. Just find a subject I have something to say about and I'll present monologues for any moron. I'm going to buy a shotgun and take up hunting. shotguns are awesome. Any fool with basic motor skills can stop a burgular with one too. You have to be pretty close to be effective even with slugs, so no dead-eye required.

Machiavellus Machiavellus
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5 Responses Mar 29, 2010

You dont have this in a good way of speaking. the south is a very layed back place and no fools there smart and you cant say anyone can be as hard working as the south i live in the south or did.

Rednecks? Wanna see rednecks? C'mon up to Wisconsin, I'll show you some rednecks!

good luck with that.If ya need help finding a good gun let me know!<br />
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"My truck cost less than my champion coon dog and my neck is painted red by the grace of God. My kids say please sir and thank you mam'. I ain't what I ain't but I am what I am."

I seriously do want to buy a shotgun and take up hunting.

Love the sarcasm!