Great Country *add Sarcasm*

If this is the best country on Earth I'm moving to the moon or mars or something. What's wrong with it lets make a list:

1. Racism still exists: I don't like how dark your skin is so I hate you, if you need me I'm going tanning. Really?
2. Sexism: its ok to chop up a boys Gentiles but to do so to a girl is barbaric and evil. Am I missing something?
3. Crime/ laughable criminal punishment system: and the home of the criiiiiiiiimmmiiiiiiinaaaaaalllllls! Enough said. Murder robbery ect on a daily basis and you can just claim insanity and get a laughable sentence for even mass murder!
4. Circumcision is legal: oh I guess god forgot to take the foreskin off of a boy Didn't he and he must have accidentally given it function so we need to correct his mistake and cut it off right? How ****** up is this country?As I stated before its considered barbaric and evil to do so to a girl but its acceptable and right to do so to a boy. I thought this was a Christian country!
5. Christian holiday plays and showings are being erased by aethiests and no one wants to do anything about it!

This is just the top 5 in no specific order. Hate all you want but you can't denie its true.
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The gov't has nothing to do with chopping up a boys "gentiles". (I'm sure you meant "genitals)

This is not, and never has been a "Christian country". We were founded on principles and ideas common to the judeo-christian culture.

Yes, racism still exists. But being on the young end of teen, you have no idea what it used to be.

And you really do need to learn the difference between circumcising a male, and the genital mutilation done to females, that is called "circumcision". The first is something parents can opt out of if they choose.