Not Proud At All!

When we elect someone like Barrack Obama as President, It is time to leave America! What a joke this man and his wife are!

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3 Responses Feb 18, 2010

His wife bitchelle Obama tells people how to run their lives. She encouraged the law in New York to make it illegal to sell pop I'm Amy more than eight ounces. She also tried to make it illegal to sell any sweets in any bake sale, school fundraiser, ect. Funny how she and her kids were seen at McDonald's all with Big Macs n their hands isn't it. It's the people's choice what they want to eat and drink. If she gets it her way there won't be obesity but shell wounded why there are human toothpicks walking around an why the average adult male weight would be 80 pounds wouldn't she. She'd blame if on the people for under eating I bet.

Exactly what I have been telling people. Obama is not black. He is mixed race. He is not even a Democrat. He is a Socialist. His so called Stimulus Bill, and Health Care Bill, prove that. One man trying to redistribute the wealth.

Very well said! How did a foreigner get elected president in the first place?<br />
He is just a puppet of the Spend All Liberals! What a joke he is. And he isn't the first Black President. He is Mixed Race. Even the Dems are starting to jump ship on him. This joker makes me miss George Bush!