The Lone Ranger

One day the Lone Ranger and his side kick Tonto had ridden into the sunset for hours. the Lone Ranger noticed alot of natives all around him, 100's of them and he could see smoke signals. He ask his faithful friend, "Tonto, what does the smoke say?" Tonto replied "Kimosabe, It says...We Gottom Now! Death For Them Is Certain! every one attack when Lone Rangers horse takem next step!
The Lone Ranger looked around and saw no escape, Tonto, my friend It looks like this is the end, just to many to fight, and here they come! WE ARE GOING TO DIE! Tonto looked at his friend and said What do you mean WE white man!
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very clever ending... I actually have a sioux back in my family. she was my mother's great or great-great grandmother.

Aw, so your my native sister! 8^)

we turning real white with FRIGHT it running down my leg too what is it SH1T

you got real class glyn, welcome to BLOCK

yeah I know it's a old joke, but some of the kids don't even know who the lone ranger is!