Im Such A Nasty Girl.

im such a nasty girl , i think about men and there ***** and seamen alot, i mean it i am so obsessed with sucking and swolling , my hairless ***** gets so dang wet , im not kidding , ever since i was a little girl , preteen arond 9 i guess , i have had a problem with my virina dont ask me why but well i get pretty wet i mean wet my panties get drenced my lord if im not careful it wil;l run down my legs , thats why i learned to be prepared i carrie a extra pair of panties , and other femine things just in care, but i am a bad girl im kind of a free sprit , i like to do my own thing and do strings attached, im not ready yet to settle down, i am a swinger, and a insatable nepho. i been taught from a early age to give pleasure in all kinds of ways, i love to suck a juicy *** filled **** , i crave it 247 and you know it i love to swollow there *** its so thick and its taste different from one guy to the next, i like them thick sweet and salty and hopefully they *** alot , iim also into anal sex doggie style on my back ridding his fat **** what ever is your pleasue ill give it, im a student at a university here in nevada, i live with a boyfreind and two roomies men, in the morning i wake up first, run to the rest room to pee and brush my teeth and freshen up ill return after i start the coffee ill climb in bed snuggle my man and grab his penis ill slowly gently stroke him and make him hard , ill scoot now under thebalnkets and beging to suck his 9 in **** and message my ***** atthe same time my head is bobbing up and down his manhood . my privates are drenced and swollen im bobbing up and down soon he awakes and grabs my head im sucking sluping on his **** he forced my head downwards i taker it all in deepthroating him he moans , i work my way up his **** just under the head he **** as i suck heard and hummmmmmmmmmm he fills my mouth with thick white *** , he always **** alot and its tastes pretty good to me salty and sweet iswoolow it all he finishes , he takes a shower i cook breakfast as he gets ready for work. after he leaves i take a long hot bath with some baby oil and calgone, afterwards i put my makeup on and perfume , retuch my nails, sometimes i wear a bra sometimes i dont , i have silk see thru pushup bras , panties are the same, i normally wear a shirt or summer dress depends during winter ill wear jeans . my girl freinds lisa and amber trish and lina pick me up for classes, after first classes , ill wounder over to the gym and hang out with a few gfs , we normally talk about guys and such, later during lunch illbe at the football field with some jocs , drinks a soada , ill be sitting on a picnic bench below the bleachers , thell grab me and pull me closer to them ill stand up go and sit between them, one of the studs gently pulls my face towards his and begins kissing me i return the kisse and more we french kiss my open mouth our toungs intermingle i genly lick his lips and suck on his toung the other guy is unbottning my blouse and reaches in and meassages my breast , my nipples are erct and sticking out like little rocks my breast are soft but firm i moan becuse my bobbs are very sensative i place my hand in front of his pants and message i feel his swoolen penis he reaches under my skirt and relises not onlty am i pantiless but im soaking wet . he rumsmy swollin **** and i moan and grab his ***** thru his jeans he inserts his finger i open my legs he finer s me. i unbotton and lower his jeans and boxers , and strock his ****, i looked down and saw a long fat **** and a musroom shaped head ,, and strocked it up and down he stopped kissing me and pulled up on my feet and puhed me dowards i new what he wanted, i went down on my kness facing him he grabed my head and pulled my face cloer to his **** it hit my nose as i grabed it arond the shaft and stroked i lowered my head kissing the head i made my mouth real juicy with my saliva spit on the head a few times then lowered my head opened my mouth relaxed my jaw mussles and took the head in my mouth i sucked on it and bobbed myway downwards taking more of him in my mouth soon i had him all the way in my mouth touching the back of my thoat i relaxed my throat mussles and began to suck my way back up sucking humming saliva dripping from my **** filled lips i began to bob my head up and down faster sucking harder his hands grabed my head and ****** my mouth he ramed my face i sucked and messaged his balls he moaned and i new he will be ******* i went only part way down i wanted to feel him *** and he cam in my mouth down my throat it felt really thick and gooy very salty i swollowed all of it as i gulped it down feeling it ozzing down my throat . the other guy had his pants down to his feet strocking his 8 in tool . after guy one was finished he sat back i turned around and took the guys **** in my mouth he trust a few times i said **** me from behind i said as i looked up at him smiling , he pulled me up and bent me over the bench table , i was bent over legs spread wide apart my *** sticking up wide and he moanted me i was facin the other guy he was strocking his **** i felt my checks spread and then he got behind me his hands on my spread checks , my ***** juices were running down my legs i felt him inter me, he went deeper and i pushed back as i began to moan and i squesed my ***** lips tight around his shaft he said of baby, he ****** me harded as i began to feel the pleasue he brought me i pushed back as he rammed me from behind . my breast swayed back and forth as he rammed me i began to *** i cryed out im ******* as he rammed me harder i began to shake and breath harer and harder i came and he came at the same time , he collapested and i felt his and my juices runing down my legs , we regain our composyer and when i stood up i saw my instructers aid he was around 30 he saw me and i saw his hardness he said can i play i said yes baby come and have some sugar pudding , he smiled he romed his pants and shirt i got on my kness and sucked him he said ill *** if you dont stop, he said girl you have such a pretty *** and that *****. i got ontop of him and humped thatr **** in my soaked ***** , after a awhile he picked me up placed me on my back on the grass and spread my legs wide , he rammed my ***** for ahwile he then said i want to **** your *** , i said i like that he got up i turned over on my hands and kness , i handed him some ky. he lubed me and inserted his **** in my *** doggie style i got ****** in my *** and he grabed my hanging breast he finally moaned and filled me with *** it was a blast, later that late afternoon i went home and took a shower. put on my summer dress got all ready for my bf he got home i had dinner ready and all my house dutys done, he arived i srved him he and i ate later he took a shower , afterwards we were in the living room he was watching cnn i got between his legs and began to suck on him he came agian , i swooled it all later he ****** me on the balcony thats why i am a bad girl huggss kisses .
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This is why education is important. I couldn't read past the first two sentences.

I feel like this was written by a twelve year old trying to be cool.

Maybe you should be punished fro being so naughty! You know the story of the father that caught his son smoking. So the father made him sit and smoke the whole pack, till the smoking made him sick, thus teaching him a lesson..................On that idea, I think us guys should get together, and one after another c*um in your mouth, so many loads, one right after the other, an unending line of d*icks to c*um in your mouth.......that would teach you...oh, and after each guy has c*um in your mouth, I will French kiss you, to see if you have learned your lesson yet.........

you got it right... you guys should get together. When you find him let us know.

???????? WTH!!!!

Native Americans are hot. It seems to me that they start sexual experiments at an earlier age.

this person is not indian.

by the way, you are an idiot. Did that start at an early age too?

How does any of this have anything at all to do with being a native american?

You sure like it. My sister and I did things. We were in a country school. The 8th graders were always playing around. Francie threw her panties at me and ran in the girls outhouse. I followed her in and played with her bald *****. My sister had things done to her so when we got home we played with one another. It got better as we grew.

I got it now... You are an idiot with an overactive imagination.