When I Was Sleeping Took A Nap

i was sleeping and i felt somone laying next to me behinde me in my bed and just the nurse was at the house and my grandma and i always lock my room door. and then i turned around in my bed and saw someone who i use to date and he had passed away last year. and then i freaked out i told him to let me go and he would not let me go so i just whent back to sleep to think it might just be me still sleeping but with my eyes open, and when i tryed wakeing up he was still next to me holding me in his arms.
grayishsilverishgates grayishsilverishgates
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 5, 2012

I have experienced seeing others who have passed on. It is possible that the spirit exists on both sides. The part where they can return physically is all part of the mystery. We are probably influenced by the spiritual world far more than we realize.