I Love My Native Blood:

My mother raised me to love the native within me. My great grandmother was Creek and great grandfather was Cherokee. To my mother, the blood within her father (my grandfather) was all that mattered. She would always call me her little indian girl. In first grade, I had to pick what race I was, I picked native american. That was funny, because I am considered white. I was not raised on a reservation and yes, I also have a father who is English. I have recently found out that his side of the family has a vein of choctaw. That makes me feel a bit better. I still tell my mother that he is not my dad, that an old friend she had about the time I was concieved must be my father. But in the end it doesnt matter how much true native blood runs thru your veins, what makes me native is my love of this part of my heritage. My ultimate goal is to move to Cherokee North Carolina, the one place on earth that I have always felt peace and welcome. I can't explain my obsession with moving to this land in the smoky mountain range, it is what it is.
I have had the luxury of many past life regressions, and yes many were the memories of being native American, male and female. So, it is in my blood, and it is stronger than the english and german and Irish within me. Yet, I do not beleive in adopting any spiritual beleifs 100% of any one group. I take parts of many. But most seem to be shamanism in some manner.
Do not fret if you are not but a small part of native american. If it fits your souls personality? then no one can tell you different, regardless of who your parents are in this world. Kim
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IMO indian is better than black.


I am not sure exactly what you mean. But since I am in America and you are in South Africa, I am sure the issues are a bit different. Yes, there are divisions in the US of who does and does not love Native Americans. Here in the Upper and Lower South of the East Coast, the reservation Natives are fairly beloved. The Northwest is different I beleive and am surprised at those who find them selves feeling superior to any native American, regardless of the circumstances!
Also what is IMO? Kissee! Kim
Again, I am grateful for all of my beleifs and blood that are native - I have gained insight thru my native shamistic beleifs, I am tuned into nature and my beloved Animal Allies, I am strong due to my native heritiage and past live. My way is not for everyone, this is true. But it is a major part of who I am. Kim