When I was little, my parents told us about our ancestors, oit heritage. Then they pass around those questionnaires at school, and my parents always made me put Caucasian. I couldn't understand why we couldn't be honest. Why we had to deny it. I still don't understand.
Rubenne Rubenne
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Your parents may have come from a different erra where they felt they needed to hide there true heritage. Its unforunate that there are still people out there who think and feel they are much better. We have a long way to go, perhaps one day humans will see each other as just that and respect it.

All your answers are so totally on target. I'm so thankful there are those in the world who truly understand, who "get it". Thank you all for your responses.

The same here. My parents would pause look at us and then put Caucasian. I do understand why now. They feared we would experience bad prejudice. Horse whippings and run out of towns was not uncommon then. I mean it happened with family members they didn't want anyone to know so it would not happen to us.

my gf and I are native americans too, I think I can answere that question. Back around the time you were born, we were loooked upon as either low or no status and or no class. We were mistreated in so many ways. The fear your mother may have jad could have stemmed from that time period.

I think you are right about their fears. I can even see in some ways, they may have had every reason to be afraid. The prejudice that still exists.