My great-grandfather was full-blooded Cherokee Indian...He lived on a reservation most of his life,but i guess he used to get beaten so he ran away...I am VERY proud of my Cherokee Heritage, and i would like to learn the language....can anyone help me??
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As far as the Cherokee Language goes, get online look up the Cherokee Reservation Chamber of commerce. They can help you. It was only 20 years ago the Cherokee started offering there language as a course in there schools. If I remember right. Evan some of the elders I have spoken to said that they kinda had to repair there language. Because it wasn't commonly spoken so some was forgotten.

You are lucky to know so much about your family. I was always told that my grandfather was a full-blooded American Indian, unfortunately, I don't remember what kind. I would love to know more about him. He died in 1936 at the age of 19 shortly after my mom was born, and my grandmother remarried. She and my mom didn't get along very well. Before my grandmother passed, she left me a lot of hand-written notes about her side of the family. My grandmother was from Oklahoma. She left these to me, because I had been asking questions. No one really wanted to talk much about our family. I once suggested putting together a family tree, and studying and digging for info, but when I asked a close family member, the response was "Why!, and that I should leave it alone." My grandmother was proud of her side of the family, and mom said she was even a member of the Daughters of the Republic.. (something like that)... but my grandmother wouldn't talk about my biological grandfather. My mom had very little to go on, she had some items that he whittled, they are petrified... a billfold with some sort of card that he carried looking for employment. I don't even have a picture. My mom passed away a few years ago. I am pretty much clueless about my dad's side of the family, he passed away over 20 years ago.... His biological mom died of TB, and his dad remarried, his dad died when he was still very young, so he was raised by his step-mother. Good luck on your quest!

Hi, i also would love to learn the cherokee language, it is an amazing story of our heritage. My grandmother was full blood cherokee, the great great grand daughter of seqouia, who wrote the cherokee alphabet, she only spoke cherokee when she was drinking, very sad, she was ashamed of her heritage. She had a twin sister in oklahoma who was a mid wife delivered over 200 babies and taught the language to the children. i feel very sad and cheated because my grand mother did not teach her family, any way you can get info about the language through the study of seqouia. Good luck and keep in touch. A proud cherokee