I Am American Indian .

My heritage was researched by my fathers cousin our tribe is Mowa Choctaw of South Alabama, my greatgrand mother came from Mississippi on the trail of tears.   I have been a member of the tribe for the last 15yrs  in Choctaw Alabama.  I am very proud of my heritage .

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You are so lucky to have been able to trace your family like that! Be proud and do what you can to re-establish that pride in others.<br />
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As for indian vs native american, they are both good. I see Indian as a variant of Indigenous LOL. But for many of our ancestors, they were called "red N*****"by others and treated as bad or worse. I like those NDN shirts I've seen myself.

naw we're indians. we call ourselves indians. but yea u white people can call us native american or american indian or whatever. it don't feel right when white people call me indian. its kinda like the "N" word with black people.

Not trying to be arrogant, but you are Native American.<br />
Indians come from India.<br />
Native Americans are the true Americans of this country.<br />
They were here before the white man decided to venture into this area.<br />
You should be proud of your heritage as any other person of different descendant.<br />
If each person were to take that pride and combine it with America's legacy, this country would be a stronger country.