They Will Never Change

The one's who stole it control it, and now the control is about to come to a bitter end for you white man, and those who bow down to you. Those who think this land is theirs because they were brought here on a ship but don't have any more right to it than you do, they are your servants who do your dirty work by cunningly infiltrating among my people with their deceit to make a way for you to have done the destruction you have done here, and they are also trespassers and will reap with you. You white man; the same inhabitants that have caused terror and pain all around the world and here in this land. You opened this land like the great whor* it now is. You white man the cutthroat bastards who have no problem killing. You, who have cut Indian babies from the stomachs of Indian women, and slammed Indian babies against trees to kill them, you who still kill, and have killed for pleasure. God is angry and He is working His wrath right now. You will see more violent storms destroying your crops, more floods destroying your homes, more destruction to pay you back for ALL of the evil you have done since you first breathed on this Earth. You are a black hearted breed who has killed, stolen, and destroyed many people of color all around the world from the continent of Asia to this land. This evil place you call a Christian nation you don’t know God you have no heart. This evil land that was built on Indian blood, you have a great apocalyptic fortune coming and your misfortune will be yourself. Like Sitting Bull said a great flood will come and wipe the white man from the face of the Earth. That day is coming soon and the buffalo WILL return and every Redman that you killed will return on that great day. You call us savages you are the savages. YOU are the devils, the soulless whor*s, the f*gots, the sodomites, the beast lovers, and the blasphemers of the world, you and your servants are the abominations with your jealously, greed, chaotic laws. You kill everything you touch from the Indian to the wolf. You are cursed and a curse, there is no good in you from birth; you are the chaff that will blow away like dust in the wind. You are of your father the devil; you are the seed of Satan and you have built destruction since your forefather Tubal-Cain made the first weapons of destruction, you are Cain the first murder. Your evil deeds will be paid back to you an uncountable fold. The Lord God is fair and always right. Vengeance will be His. What is was in the beginning so it shall be in the end.

nativegirlinamerica nativegirlinamerica
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I know what you say is true. What about those of us caught in the middle with, as I am, 1/8 Cherokee or Creek. I know this is true because of stories my elders told me. My Grandfather was half Native American and half Irish or Welsh. He had to fight the white kids and there was one word my Mother told me to never let slip out of my mouth. I cannot type it all:half-b---d. She said if my Papa heard that word, he'd knock me down before he could help himself. I give my respect to you for telling the truth. Please don't be too angry. Anger can eat you from the inside. But you are you and deserve your emotions. I hope Peace be upon you. It is your right to be bitter and angry. Your ancestors world was cheated from them and they were lied to and now most people on Reservations are just forgotten. I am sorry for the white blood which is in me, but I had no control over what my Greatgrandparents did. To think the conquerers did that in the name of "God". What a shame they abused His name in such a way. Take care.

easy there nativegirl. in all my days of livin i've never seen a white person cut the baby out of an indian womens stomach. i think you need to worry about whats goin on today n quit bein hung up on the unfortunate past of our people. yea our past wasn't too great but its the past. quit feelin hate for something that didn't even happen to you n just worry about what YOU are gonna to to better your and other natives life.

I'm a full white person and I kind of agree with some of the comments from native girl in american. I'm in Australia and the white man did much the same to the aboriginals here. Let's hope it all changes around and one day we all get along. I love all people and find it very sad that we all kill each other. What happened to the teaching of our parents and grandparents who said love all of mankind.

I am half Sioux and half 'white'... so I guess that makes me half evil. <br />
<br />

I am a white man, a white man with paiute ancestry...where do I land on your moral ladder?

That is for you to decide.

This is a very sad example of racism. You're no better than the 'white man' you condemn when you make blanket statements about all white people.