Living In Egypt Without My Egyptian Husband.

I am an American woman living in Egypt. My husband is Egyptian and lives in America. I Have lived here in Egypt on and off for 12 years. I am lonely and isolated. My husband is a very strict man. I have so many rules to live by. I have felt depressed for such a long time. Im very bright and my light is slowly going out. My husband doesnt understand this. He thinks im an over-reacter .  He is like   " so now what"?  We have had nothing but trouble, but there is love at the heart of it all.

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are you stupid what kind of love that makes you miserable
if he loves you as you
he should make you happy not lonely

I too married an Egyptian, however I live in the States and he is in Suez Egypt. Has took all my oney and abandoned me. Do I love Maged yes I do

am looking for wife was marred to uk lady from englend she die 6 yars ago 01000190309

hello every on i am an egyptian man who likes to have a good relation as a friend just drop me a msg

hi nadia i hope to be friends and to know more about each other , i live in cairo and i live to go out and to travel we can have a good time and fun togther and i hope to be friends

realy i want wife can complete the life and do my best to be good husbund for her

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Dear Nadia, I was so pleased to get your letter. I too feel as if I have forgotten my own culture but it was my choice to live in France. Please write more about you to me - I assure you, I'll not be bored!!<br />
You are very lucky still having three of your children still living with you. How old are they? My boys left yesterday and I will not see them for another three weeks. I'm so sad and feel very lonely today. The house feels just so empty without them. I do not live with the man I am involved with but nevertheless he has very strict rules which I have to abide by which makes the isolation and lonliness even worse at times. Do you do anything special, like craftwork to get you through the days? Or perhaps you are just so busy looking after your children!<br />
I would love for us to become friends. I am nearly 44 years old. Does your husband come back to see you often? What is your life like in Egypt? It's acountry I would love to visit one day.<br />
Do you have friends around you? That is something I am lacking here as Fisso ( the man I am with) doesn't find them suitable.<br />
I long to find my old happy self, where hardly anything bothered me, and if it did I had a strong fighting spirit..<br />
Please write to me soon and tell me more about yourself. I am looking forward to hearing from you, and you have my e-mail if you prefer to write to me that way.<br />
Take great care of yourself.<br />
Ingrid x

Dear Ingridx, Thank you so much for your kind letter. Its nice to know that there is someone out there like me. Fortunatly, my husband and i are still together but its an odd situation in that we are living in oposite situations . He is living in my country and i am living in his, for monetary reasons. I just feel as if i dont know who i am anymore. Ive forgotten my own culture. My english is even rusty. I could write an entire book on the subject, but ill bore you im afraid. so please write back. I have had six children. three are living in america and i have three still with me here in egypt. Im 46 years old by the way. <br />
looking forward to hearing from you soon<br />
<br />
your new partner in distress<br />

Hello. I've just written back to you but wasn't logged in. I am a British woman who has lived in France for the past twenty four years. My exhusband left (French) me for another woman four years ago. I too feel very lonely and isolated. We have four sons, the two eldest have left home and the younger ones I only get to see one weekend out of two. I too was a very bright and happy go lucky person and as the days go by the depression sets in. I so much want to go back to being my old self, with friends. Here, I have no-one to talk to. Today I am involved in a relationship where there are many strict rules to abide by. Sometimes I feel as if it is suffocating me, yet I love this man and so bear with it.<br />
I somehow get the feeling that we share many similar circumstances and I want you to know that I am here as a friend for you. You can write to me whenver you want about whatever you want - I will listen. My e-mail address is:<br />
A problem shared is a problem halved. Take care and take spirit,<br />
Hugs, Ingridx.