Legalized Slavery 

If this bill is passed i am stocking up on ammunition and disappearing! This is in effect repealing the anti slavery laws and making us all slaves. I can't believe there are still people out there who don't think the liberals in government want to control every single aspect of your life!
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We, meaning a good, healthy slice of the American populace have, by our appalling apathy and estrangement from the political process, willingly ceded our rights to an out of control central government run by an elite cadre of career politicians. The notion that our current situation rests upon the difference between "liberal" and "conservative" is an outmoded concept that is currently being exploited by these same politicians to keep us at each other's throats while they go about the business of feathering their own nests. We MUST wrest control of our central government from our federal masters, peacefully, at the polls or we will surely condemn a future generation of Americans to do so by force of arms. Look around you! There are approximately 30 states that have passed or have pending in their legislatures sovereignty resolutions putting the central government on notice that they will nullify any federal law with which they disagree. The problems attendant upon nullification is the action that closely follows it; secession, followed by federal occupation and armed conflict. No one with an ounce of common sense wants that to happen; but we are headed for a constitutional crisis the likes of which has not been seen since the War Between the States.

no brut i am saying we need to push ALL the bums out of office...liberal, conservative or independent if they have been in office for more than two terms we need to get rid of them. i was not a real big fan of bush's patriot act either though i do see the need for some way of keeping an eye on the terrorists because we all know they want us all dead. <br />
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the reason i point out the liberals is because they are in charge right now and have been for quite some time, they continue to blame everything on republicans when they know that the republicans have not been in control of ANYTHING for nearly two years now. when do the problems become democrat problems? as far as Obama goes i will admit i do not trust him any further than i can throw a BP oil rig, every time i see him on tv or hear him speak on the radio i feel like he is laughing at the american way of life. he doesn't like america, i actually heard him say once during the campaign that many people around the world see the american flag as a symbol of oppression. that leads me to two questions 1. who told him he was running for president of the world? and 2. if so many people see america as a symbol of oppression then why do we have so many illegal aliens crossing the border every day?<br />
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truth is Obama, Pelosi and Reid do not like america or americans for that matter.<br />
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by the way i never had any big problems with JFK other than that he was a womanizer but hell if we held that against everyone we wouldn't have anyone to run for office at an american he was first class, a war hero and a leader. Obama isn't qualified to wash JFK's dirty underwear.

I doubt you need to worry, it currently has no cosponsers and has been dumped to committee and sub committee where it will likely gather dust and die as most do.

oh, I see you were talking about Ted Kennedy, sorry. He was a murderer. But, are you seriously going to take the stance that only democrats have been morally corrupt, because you just know that is wrong. See, I hate it when it becomes about labels and agendas. the real agenda is clear, DIVIDE THE PEOPLE AND CONQUER THEM.

Rick, I can see where she could draw that conclusion because your whole rant is about how 'Liberals' want to ruin us, how liberals are bad and their policies are bad, and include in our comment that the supreme court appointments are bad-it was a logical inference on her part, but I understand what you are saying.

term limits would be a great idea. But I have to diagree about Kennedy...what did he do to control Americans except integrate schools and universities? Byrd, was an ***. 9-11 created the perfect situation for our gov't to engage in domestic spying, which happened under Bush. You hate dems, you hate Obama, you don't want to admit that none of these leeches give a **** about us, and in fact you are nothing more than a meal ticket for their fat, greedy *****. That is the truth, even they know that.

did i say anything about the lifetime appointments being the liberals fault? if i did sara please show me where! i'm saying that it needs to be changed and there is a way to change the constitution that is what amendment process is for

Geee... and here I thought that the Supreme Court justices were appointed for life because it is written that way in the CONSTITUTION.... now I find it's because of liberals....

fine brut i agree so why don't Americans wise up and quit re electing the same group of bums or in the case of our current president an even MORE controlling anti american? Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy were two of the worst to ever hold office....Kennedy was a drunk and a murderer (i guarantee if you or i had been driving that car we would still be in prison for murder) and Byrd was a former grand wizard in the KKK who had the nerve to stand up and say he was a supporter of civil rights (he didn't seem to support the rights of any of the blacks he hung or terrorized as a member of the KKK) and the only way we ever got rid of either of them was for them to die! We need to FORCE the feds to put term limits in place for the house and senate.....and possibly some sort of limit on how long one can serve as a supreme court justice as well.....i mean come on LIFETIME APPPOINTMENTS? Why not just declare them kings and queens?

besides, conservatives want to control people's lives too-the patriot act, no abortions, no gay marriage, corporate welfare that is killing the middle class, small businesses being assasinated...come on, at least be honest, it's a bureacratic thing and names mean nothing.

we aren't slaves now? to proctor and gamble, and foriegn oil, and China, and corruption? look at what our government is doing to us, not just liberals either-if you still think it is about liberal v conservative, you should wake up. every republican in our gov't is as rich and privalaged as every democrat is. they are an oligarchy and lobbyists are their arms of evil.

I don't seriously if this is going anywhere, especially since it's a wrangler.

I'm coming with you!