Everday That Goes By Is One Day Close To Seeing Him Again.

Well my boyfriend, Bryant, has been gone for alomost 2 months now since his leave in June. He left for afghanastan in December and my life totally changed ever since that day. Out of him being there for almost 7 months I was dating him for 3 weeks butI fell for him right away even though I told myself all my life I would NEVER do a long distance relationship. out of the whole time he has been gone I have seen him for 4 days and those were the best 4 days of my life. I struggle alot through this. i don't have very much support. Im only 18 so people are always saying that im too young for a relationship like that and blah blah blah. So I don't have anyone to relate to or talk about what I am going through. I just need someone to tell if im doing things right and is this how I am supposed to feel. I am very Proud Army Girlfriend . I just learning how to cope with things I have 5 months left of his deployment and it feels like times are harder then they ever were. If you can relate to me any way please leave a story of how you cope with things or handle certain situations. When my Boyfriend calls and tells me he wont be able to get a hold of me for a week or two and I ask why.....He can't tell me. Even though I don't tell him this but it breaks my heart not knowing what hes doing and making sure I know hes safe. In the end thats all I want is for him to be safe and come home to me. I love you Bryant your my world my everything.

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One of my closest friends went through this. She was only 17 when they got together. He joined the navy and was gone for long periods of time. It was very hard for her, but they're relationship was very strong. If you and your lucky guy are anything like my friends, you will be just fine. Better than fine. Distance can be a real deal breaker for a lot of people, but it can also show a relationship's strengths and worth. So long as you can remain loyal and be willing to follow him anywhere, it will all work out. My friend is still in the navy, and they're currently living out of state because that's where he's stationed....they've had to relocate a couple of times, never knowing where they're going until right before they go, but there relationship is stronger than ever. They've been married a little over 2 years now. So, if he's the one for you, just hang in there...and it's perfectly normal to feel lonely, frustrated...especially at your age when everyone thinks you can only comprehend 'puppy love' lol. People forget what it's like to be young:P Don't let them bother you. Stay strong sweety and keep hanging in there!