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When I read the stories of people who were born here but seem to hate this country I feel very sad.  But then when I read the stories of people who were born in other countries but came here and did all the things that are required to become a citizen I feel happy. I was born here and had no idea how hard it is to become an American if you weren't born here. These people's stories are very inspirational.
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It is frustrating to know that there are people who were born here but now hate it. I think, well, if you are that unhappy here, move to another country and give up all ties to America.

Thank you for posting this. I'm not a US citizen but I'm married to a US citizen, and I'm going through green card process. It's ridiculous that even a spouse of a US citizen has to pay a lot of money and still it's not guaranteed that we can get green card. If we can't get green card on the other hand, we are treated as illegal immigrants and can be deported. My family is really against our marriage, so the green card thingy is all the more scary for us. We don't want to be separated.

I am sorry to hear about your problems. It's too bad that people who play by the rules get treated so badly while people who come here illegally get amnesty.

that's right. if so many people didn't have fraud marriage for immigration, people who got married for love wouldn't have been treated like this.

I think the difficulties people now have in getting their green card when married to a US citizen is because there have been so many people that did the same thing just to get the green card. Once they got it, they got divorced, had the wedding annulled, etc. I'm sorry that it has been difficult for you.

That's exactly why people who got married for marriage are at the risk of deportation when they apply for green card. By the way, I had the green card interview last August, and our case was approved! So I feel way less stressed now!! :D

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We have a country that was born ba<x>sed on freedom of religion, a country that opened its doors to all that wanted to enter and deemed ourselves a melting pot. But yet there is still so much prejudice towards anyone that looks acts or believes differently than we do. We are all Americans but yet we separate ourselves from each other in so many ways. We are all Americans.. Regardless of these and many other issues we have.. I am proud to say so.

I love my country, but hate what it has become. Our forebears fought hard to tame this wild and unforgiving land. We are cheerfully squandering all the precious resources we were freely given by all those who worked so hard so we wouldn't have to.

Proud you should be about something YOU did. Why to be proud coz you are born in a country or another... it is not your fault nor your merit. It was not even your choice.

I am a very proud American. Unfortunately, I am not always proud of the poor choices/decisions of some of my fellow Americans.