Cant Sleep

sitting here wasting my night when i should b asleep, well to early now to sleep, got to figure out how you put a story somewhere it might belong until then I'm just spewing wisdom out like crazy, wow just found out i cant spell spewing can you beleive that, have enjoyed being on this sight while i ponder away my life, didnt know they had anything like this on internet, so many stories, some sad , some funny, some naughty, 1 stupid (oh thats this one) have made some friend on here, though i dont really know them some make you feel like you do, but if they read this they my not be my freinds no more, they tell me to keep trying so its there fault you have to read this, I aint even drunk when i wrote this, dont know what it do with being am american but i am, so if you made it this for and you understood more than two words of it add me as your freind because you need me as much as i need you, thanks p.s. think i broke spell check thing but dont tell on me,
deerslayersg deerslayersg
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thanks freind

I just realized, that you did post this one also in the right group.( The I am an American group) <br />
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So, your on your way. there is no stopping you now. It took me a while to figure it out also at first, so I guess I am not too swift either. I had to delete stories and rewrite them to fix the problem.<br />
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Your doing great keep it up! I want tell noone you broke the spell check thing. Becasue you didn't. LOL!

thanks i can barely write should here me talk thats worse

You write with a cute accent!

no problem catch you later



Hey, don't put yourself down! You sound like a great guy. It isn't important if you can't spell - altho it looks to me like you do that pretty well too.<br />
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I'm sorry your life sucks at present - hold onto the fact that it WILL get better. These things take time - which is HARD when you are in the middle of them.<br />
Neuilly's comment (above) is very sensible. Follow her good advice!

Well, I wish you the best .Continue to read the stories here at EP and don't be afraid to comment on the various posts<br />
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Commenting and posting stories, answering questions are a very god way to meet prople here at EP and to become friends, <br />
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