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Since the law in this country states that you MUST be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN in order to run for president......shouldn't it be a requirement that any person wishing to have their name placed on the ballot as a candidate submit a long form hospital generated birth certificate? I think that would solve an awful lot of problems.

I personally don't know if President Obama was born in Hawaii as he states or not, i do know that no long form hospital generated birth certificate has ever been produced. He has produced a short form certificate of live birth that was filed with the state however it has been stated by people in power that his grandparents could have filed that even if he was born in another country, and the address given on this form is the address his grandparents were living at when he was born. I am not calling for him to be removed from office or anything like that i'm just saying that it would be a good idea to require real proof of citizenship in future elections. This seems rather simple to me.
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i agree and i think in order to vote you should prove who you are and also to file a tax form should be required as well. when you are stopped for speeding you show who you are what is the difference other than you cant lie about who you are.

I'm sure somebody out there would disagree with me but to me this is just common sense

That doesn't sound like a bad idea. I believe if a problem arises, you figure out a way to prevent it from arising again. This seems like a reasonable and simple solution. If anyone could point out holes in such a procedure, I'd like to hear them.