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Ron Paul Speaks Against Assault On The American People

This powerful speech was delivered by Congressman Ron Paul on the Floor of Congress on May 25, 2011.

"The Last Nail The last nail is being driven into the coffin of the American Republic. Yet, Congress remains in total denial as our liberties are rapidly fading before our eyes.

The process is propelled by unwarranted fear and ignorance as to the true meaning of liberty.

It is driven by economic myths, fallacies and irrational good intentions."




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he speaks well!<br />
<br />
this recalls me so much the episodes of star wars, they create war with terrorist act, then, they give urgency powers to the chancelor, (but he never gives up the emergency powers, hahaha, (demonic laugher) and then creates the all powerfull empire with the all powerfull emperor, in the name of safety. oh lol, how can things have gotten down to be like that in the dream land of america??? its almost unbelivable, with the incredible potential of this nation....<br />
how will this end??<br />
oh I know, we really need Jedis ;-) <br />
<br />
Is Ron Paul a Jedi?

Ron Paul had my vote last election

Excellent. Paul has my vote.

Ron Paul 2112!