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never wrote a story on here so why not let you all ask me anything
cuteguy4u123 cuteguy4u123
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in any case you are cute ! and hot !

I've got a question for ya.. WHY would anyone have ANY interest in someone that takes a screen name like yours?... Beyond belief..

First of all, WHY are you stalking my page? Second, I have a life outside of EP. Also, who puts their name as their screen name?

I have cerebral palsy, but I can walk with crutches or a walker or by holding on to things. I apologize for the delay in replying.

Let me just say that I'd want for you to operate on me, with refined skills, because of my disability.

what disabilities do you suffer from?

:) Carry on. LOL!

If you're going to college, what is your major going to be? If you're not going to college what would your major be if you did?

not in college yet but most likely going to major in medicine. something like a orthopedic surgeon.


That's OK. LOL! I meant you no offense with ANYTHING that I've said.

no offense taken

not gay dude

What do you like the most in guys?