Here's One Of F.B.I.'s Dirty Little Secrets.

Serious infringement on your rights.
The F.B.I. started this little hunt for perverts, good right?
They have these little ads that say things like 'f*** local singles'.
Well computer viruses that steal and post personal information can enter your information into one of these ads.
The F.B.I. comes to your neighborhood and spies on you with mics and F.B.I. spy equipment.
My brother told me about this, he is a cop.
Well the moral of the story is your rights are stolen and you'll be harassed by the F.B.I. forever.

G-d bless America!
Someone do something about computer viruses is the moral of the story.
Is the F.B.I. corrupt?
That's up to you to decide.
I am under the impression that they have a court order to do this.
But I'm getting real sick of the s*** America pulls.
Are we living in a police state?
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2 Responses Jan 1, 2012

OK....WHOOOOOOOOOOO?????????? CAAAAAAAAAAAAARES????? IDIOTS POST THEIR INFORMATION ALL OVER FACEBOOK, PEOPLE WAIVED THEIR RIGHTS SINCE SOCIAL NETWORKING BECAME POPULAR! MY GOD!!!! the government is not interested in normal conversations, they have an interest making sure no one is being a domestic terrorist, until it's prooven other wise, i'm going to continue to walk around butt naked, curse like a sailor and do what i want on my property. all of you sitting here even discussing this matter makes all of you domestic terror suspects because you focus so much on what the government is doing, that you can't even think with good sense. If you don't like America than leave, no one is forcing you to stay. what makes us americans any better than people from other countries who immigrate to ours??? why so much pride? what you're scared to be without a f*king walmart and 24 hr mc.donald's??? there's more to life than america, and so much more to see and there are other countries just as good if not better. Get your life together, stop seeking handouts and complaining, get your passport, do your visas and travel and see something else then you'll know what i'm talking about. Americans are so closed minded and believe america is the center of the world.

Yeah, it's called The Patriot Act. Warrant-less wire taps and searches. All that crap. Right there in black & white and passed by our beloved Congress and signed into law by our Prez. All nice & legal-like. Never you mind about that pesky little Bill of Rights. The gov't is bigger and wiser than you/us and they are bound and determined to take (by threat of force) as many of your/our tax dollars as needed to make their police state/totalitarian dreams a reality.<br />
<br />
The Patriot Act was signed into law and extended by a Republican and extended AGAIN by a Democrat. (So which party is it that cares so damn much about "the little guy" again?) Ever actually READ The Patriot Act? You should. It will blow your mind what they did up there in D.C. <br />
<br />
The last time a gov't did anything CLOSE to that was JUST BEFORE the War that CREATED this great nation. (Read about "The Stamp Act" of 1765 and the "Townshend Acts" passed shortly thereafter.) The last time our gov't stomped on us to this degree there was a war, but this time, sadly, we're all just shrugging our shoulders and saying, "meh, whatever,"<br />
<br />
It ain't the viruses. It's our government.

Well, I knew about 911 before it ever happened. I'm so sick of this world and what I've done.

LOTS of people knew about it and yet all were ignored or called crazy by those in positions of power.

Don't let guilt weigh heavily upon you. It serves no purpose. All one can do is learn from their mistakes and do better in the future.