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I when I see stickers or flags or decals of pride nof other countries...for example, the car in front of me had a domican republic pride sticker thing...if you are soooo proud, why don't you live there?!? When I was in highschool there was a large group of people that celebrated the indepence of their home country in school, bringing in flags, and other celebration tokens of honor...and they would be the first to stay seatec during the pledge to the united states...again, if they r so proud of their home country, why leave? And one ofther thing thay annoys me...if when people ask, "what r u?" Referring to nationality....well the answer to that is im am not italian because of 3 generations is insulting to italy..Ive never been, I don't speak the language, I don't practice the culture and im NOT italian...they would laugh in my face if they knew I were saying that..
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thank you all for taking the time to read my ideas and add your own. I appreciate criticism and approval. I admire all your thoughts and opinions. I have thought dearly about this matter while I did come across as abrupt and probably rude to some; i still believe in what I say. I have no problems with people from around the world coming to America to make it their own, but I think sometimes nostalgia from their home country gets in the way. In my experience I saw this especially with younger generations that were brought here as young children with their families. With those I've personally talked to I have come to the understanding that when they left the country they were too young to fully understand the government systems and their general way of life. I can't speak from my own experience only from what I hypothesize, if I fled a country because of its poor resources, I would not be entirely too proud of the place I left.. I would be proud of the place I chose to come be apart of and the new life I made for myself. I would be hanging my new flag rather than my old. Everyone's situation is different, but that is how I picture I would do things if the situation were to arise.

First, I understand and respect everyone's views on this topic. Secondly, let me establish that modern humans do not contain subspecies. When we ponder who/what is an American, the melanin-enriched community takes notice of a potential social darwinistic flag. Our superficial traits evolved, mutated and adapted as we migrated out of our insanely disrespected Mother Africa. We are products of our environment.

So what if the environment for the forced were toxic? What if being an American is more about being a certain gender, skin tone, and property owner? What if despite centuries of overt/covert backlash to assimilate as close to the powerful, certain demographics seek solace within and rediscover that their origins are just as valuable?

Sometimes those whose ancestors arrived by choice enjoyed either intentionally or unintentionally the legacy of less melanin content. Descendents don't realize this and tend to tout nationalistic rhetoric. "Go back to your country" they say, or now that the earth is rebrowning itself after centuries of guns, germs, and steel, they say, "I want my country back!"

What of demographics who were victims of genocide, enslaved or fled nations torn by our foreign policies? The first made great strides in blood, sweat, and tears to build our nation and what has been the payoff? Backlash for NOT living down to expectations via institutional policies designed to seem equal. Is it any wonder why melanin-enriched populations hold their own standards of excellence and pride in their own ethnicities when all they are ever socialized to believe is that they don't matter.

I agree that we are all American regardless of our origins and that we should take pride in that we could not be America if it were not for ALL ethnic contributions. Yes, genuine, melanin-enriched history is either lost, stolen, or hidden from our primary educational institutions therefore those of European descent who were equally misinformed will make sweeping remarks about what makes an American.

I lived in Europe for eight years and loved the fact that they mostly laugh at Americans of European descent who boast that they are Italian, Irish, German...No, they say you are American. Not so much concerned with our skin tone as much as how much of an Ugly American we are. Refreshing!

I close with this:

We who are aware of the benefits of skin tone priviledge generally realize that if we were asked, Which one of you would like not to be off European descent living in America? Many would likely say no, because we know what is lies beneath the veil melanin content priviledge, we don't want it for ourselves, sooooooooooo...

Why do we accept it for others?

I agree 100%! I'm an American! I was born here, raised here, and fully intend on dying here when my time comes. I refuse to be a hyphenated American. If I personally came from another country and became a citizen of the US with dual citizenship, that would be another matter. I didn't. If you love your home country so much more than the US, go home!

Good post, the thing that gets me, is these individuals that are so loyal to their former homeland they ran away for a better life instead of staying at home and fighting for change there.

****** me off too. Probably cause it's some other nation's flag, not their heritage that bothers me.

Sometimes they haven't chosen to be a part of this country... If they are in their teens their family could have moved here, actually there are a ton of situations that they could be in. Being an Air Force girlfriend, when me and my man get married and we moved somewhere overseas, I would enjoy my experience there but still be loyal to this country, obviously. People gave a right to have pride of where they came from as well as where they are now.

Acknowledgment of your roots is acceptable.. culture is a wonderful.. but acknowledgment and pride of where you are NOW and what you have chosen to be a part of is important.. it is just unfortunate that so many countries of the world are such horrible places to live.. if only the people of those countries could do something to change that.

I agree 100%....and when we, Americans, travel abroad, and if it happens to be at time of national celebration(Independence day, Presidents Day, or whatever) we should also refrain acknowledging the event. Of course, Im joking. Im about as American as one can be (black, white, native-American), born in Oklahoma, but I have no problem, nor am I offended, when those from other countries celebrate their national holidays. In fact, I enjoy that type of diversity. Its that diversity that has made America.

Sarcasm in action. :-)

I am a veteran and I can see no problem with other people rememebering the country they came from but most seem to forget why they left. They proclaim how great this is and that is and just rip appart the USA to them I say "If you dislike it here you are more than welcome to go back, but if you stay please honour your new country". work to make it better for everyone. Learn our customs learn our language, and please try to aclimate. We don't need to be the country that you had to leave for whatever reason. As far as our Pledge of Allegiance I will stand a salute our flag with honour and pride I believe every one here should do so also, not by force but with pride and reverance for all those veterans who died for your rights to do so .The Pledge is not trite never has been and never will be if you think so I feel sorry for you and you can go elsewhere and hear some other countries if our's bother you.

Please don't misunderstand. You sir, have served our country and if I was standing next to you, I would proudly shake your hand and thank you. The Pledge is meaningful if spoken with pride, not because one is encouraged or cajoled in a classroom. I am damn proud of this country and I too, tire of people whining about all we're missing. A pledge that is coerced is trite. A pledge that is self-motivated is powerful.

Trite deffiinition from Webster :" hackneyed or boring from much use : not fresh or original " how is your saying it is coerced being Trite??

Thank you for your service lingerieme....and I couldn't agree more. Thanks again

I did not see the notification on your response. A cajoled pledge is trite because it will be spoken day after day with no feeling behind it. When I pledge my allegiance to the flag, it's because I am filled with pride for my country.

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The irony of being an American and living the United States is that we are free to speak our minds and feel pride in who we are and where we live.

The pledge of allegiance is, in my humble opinion, trite. It's only been around since 1942 and was implemented as part of the war effort. The same people who grew up swearing their oath to the flag are the ones who have gutted the economy by taking our pensions, scuttling our pay raises and making it harder for families to earn a living.

Over half the United States population emigrated here within the last 3 generations. Many of us still have relatives that we know in the countries where our parents, grandparents or even we came from.

Instead of resenting someone's pride and assuming they have no pride in their new country, you should instead be a true American and go learn about their heritage and teach them about yours.

This country was based on the notion of working together, we can put aside our differences and build something great. If we continually snipe at one another behind backs, how will this country be great again?

The pledge has been around since 1892. In 1954 it was modifed by Congress to include 'under god'. It was fine before 1954.

Still trite. Serves no purpose. It's rote memorization. You may be missing my point.

And, to be clear, it was written in 1892 and was truly only known in literary circles and in the military. I was not officially adopted until 1942. Nonetheless... still trite.

Most placards people put on ther vehicles are useless. Political, cause based, or any other type. Most are so gullible they leave the advertising stickers on the car to promote for free the dealership who doesn't give you a discount for your efforts. Makes much more sense to not have anything on your car.

I couldnt agree more with you on this. If you come here speak our language and celebrate our holidays. If you are so proud of your country go back to it they just do it to draw attention

Acknowledging your origins is certainly an acceptable practice. I do not believe most Americans have an issue with that. I certainly have an interest in my ancestry. However, for me and many others, the issue is that many immigrants flee unbearable conditions, poverty, starvation, corruption, crime, and war; they come to America because of our freedom, liberty, constitutional elected government, and the opportunity to prosper, yet they wish to bring everything they left behind with them.

It is important for immigrants to understand that the reason we have what we do in America; the reason we enjoy freedom and prosperity, is because of our culture and our form of government. Changing our culture and our form of government will destroy what we are and make us no better than where from you fled.

I happen to like the Mexican people I have known. There are aspects of their culture that I appreciate and honor. Those who come here to work and make a better life I welcome. But please do not come here and dishonor my flag, insult my traditions, and seek to change what made us what we are. This is even more true of those who fled the Islamic monarchy's and dictatorships of the middle east. You cannot enjoy the freedom we have while destroying that very freedom by the imposition of Sharia Law -- the two systems of governance and law are mutually exclusive and totally incompatible. You are welcome here as long as you assimilate into our culture. You are free to remember and to honor your origins, to speak your language among yourselves, to celebrate your religion -- but do not expect to impose your values, culture, or religion upon America.

Those of you who came here of your own volition and in accord with our laws are welcome to become Americans and to enjoy the fruits of our nation while contributing to our future. If you hate what we are, if you are unwilling to assimilate, you are free to leave.

Very well said.

thank you for your well put response, I enjoyed reading it :-) and I agree completely.

Bienvenidos Amigo. I truly like almost every Mexican and Mexican-American I have had the pleasure to know. I enjoy the music, humor, cuisine (not Tex-Mex, real Mexican), and most of all the very strong work ethic and family values -- something I feel too many Americans have lost or discarded. I have great sympathy for the majority of Mexican citizens who have unnecessarily lived in poverty due largely to corruption and government ineffectiveness. While I certainly do not believe the US can accept an "open door" policy of immigration from any source, I believe that our entire immigration system is broken, unfair, and possibly corrupt. We need to go beyond politics and sloganeering and find real solutions that meet the needs of the nation and of those who have settled and established themselves in the US, whether they did so through legitimate or illegitimate means, so long as they have proven themselves to be otherwise hard-working, law-abiding people interested in becoming Americans.

Interesting reading.