This is HOW USA GOVERNMENT supported by the sheeeeeeple are spreading your wonderful peace and democracy... splintered into a thousand pieces.

Your government is a brainwashing force that gets you thinking the other countries you are attacking are hostile and evil when your intention is just as evil as Hitlers senseless killings because he knew that people will stand up and fight for lies and the world become his playing ground to step on other peoples lives.

Who are the soulless Government and the brain dead sheeeeeple to call other nations corrupt.

Psychopaths just cant stop the killing ........... greed for power and nationalism.

With the arrival of 2012, we are entering some strange and uncertain times.

Obama declared last year that he would like to "bypass congress" and make his own laws.

The NDAA act has killed the bill of rights.

The military now offers the job of "internment specialist"--a job meant for staffing internment camps.

The dollar is on the road to collapse.

The America you knew and  grew up in is gone and will soon be replaced.

What exactly is going to happen in 2012, this year?

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good question <br />
<br />
what this guy wants to put off as american's killing innocent people for no reason is actually them interviening in humanitain grounds and the unfortunate enevitable caualties of war, of conflics FYI we didn't start but people begged us to do something about <br />
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and democracy is not something we are forcing on people it's what people in these regions want, apart from the extemists who want to kill us weterners that is <br />
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sadly many there don't understand what it will take to get there and when things are disrupted they act like the isrlities in the bible wanting to go back to egypt rather than continue to the promise land because at least there they had... fill in the blank

@gayfatnudedude ... I am very polite and I like posting relevant news in this group ... a lot of people would disagree with your fascist outlook by way of trying to silence people ... have a nice day ... gay fat nude dude :))

I got through 2 minutes and 30 some odd seconds of the video before I see the problem and its not with america, its not with the preditor drones and it's not the whole sale slaughter of innocent people by Americans <br />
<br />
its the fact that these are wars, wars arab leaders waged on their own people and that people like the US have dared to try and stop, because for the most part no one else will<br />
<br />
And before we all start thinking like Ron Paul and phil Donahue, ask yourself this how is the world a better place with the egyptian president aka dictator in power mohomar gadaffie was crazy to say the least, the people started the uprising he is dead and the people have a chance <br />
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right now syria is going through the same slaughter by it's own leader assaud and people there are looking for our help and aren't getting it, thousands are dying and we're not doing anything worse people like Ron Paul would have us continue to do nothing have us rely on deplomacy or simply keep our noses out<br />
<br />
well the problem is if we do - next terrorist attack will originate from that country- hello

I could not and did not need to watch the video to the end,because it was shameful to see other humans being killed and maimed,as well as distressing.How can anyone argue against what hatter has done here?To take the time and trouble to show to others what is being done in other parts of the world.If anyone is unmoved by watching it,then they deserve the world they are helping to formulate.Thank you hatter.

Well here is what I do know Obama put together a mandate saying that no matter your employer no matter their religious compunction they must provide birth control and reproductive care to women as part of the em[ployee insurance plan <br />
<br />
VS. the conservatives who wanted to make it about the freedom of religious institutions, vs. people like rick santorum who says birth control leads to unnatuaral things, who believes the amnniocentesis (a procedure sometimes done on pregnant women to dertermine genetic disroders of the child) leads to abortion <br />
<br />
No democrat nor Obama put forth or supported the numrious personhood bills in legistlatures not only outlawing abortion but effecting birth control, IUD's even fertility treatments for people trying to have kids. To say nothing of how previous bills have been inforced that included frog marching a woman in labor to a hospital and appointig a lawyer for her unborn child forcing her to have a procedure she did not want in order to "save the child"<br />
<br />
Obama is not trying to up end medicare, medicaid, social security make it unrecognizable even to people 48, 50 and over who have paid in all this time who may not get what they thought out of it- no that would be republican paul ryan <br />
<br />
Neither is he trying to cut food stamps in these hard times to people many of whom are first time recipents who before the recession worked every day of their adult life, not to mention the ones who work and their wages are so law they still qualify <br />
<br />
And then there's why republicans are cutting what they are to support bush tax cuts for the wealthy, to continue big oils subsidies, who voated down the buffet rule that is at least a start at making the tax code more fair, making those with so much more pay a fairer share <br />
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this is why obama has my vote in nov. what about you?

Obama is a socialist and he is trying to turn this country into something other than "free". He, like all modern day democrats, wants complete dependency on the government. He is a nut job, puppet and doesn't deserve the honor of Commander in Chief of this great nation.

And mit romney does, rick santorum and his ideas on birth control that 58% of women are taking for medical reasons his ideas on prenatal care, Newt gingich who wants to mine rocks off the moon, who wants to put our kids to work as janitors, cooks, office aids before they even finish school (by the way sans the skills to transition into real world work even if they do participate) newt gingrich who called the palistinians an invented people. Or maybe we want Michelle bockman and her pray away the gay, the shot heard round the world was in newhapshire brand of things?

rick paerry and his crazy is he medicated should he be medicated behavior

Ron paul with a forgien policy that would let Iran do whatever it wanted because we no longer get involved (forgetting that neuclear fallout has the potential to hit everyone and is no respector of country boarders or the let the uninsured not get medcical care (again forgetting that communicable diseases don't care about that) not to mention this from a doctor whose hypocratic oath begins with first do no harm

And it's the conservatives that want something other than a free america who are forever telling people who they can marry, what consentual acts adults can do in their bedroom especially if they are gay, conservatives are the ones passing laws banning thong underwaer, baggy pants and wearing pajamas in public, who ban dirty dancing style dancing in one town

Mike huckabee chastized natlie portman for showing up at the oscars pregnant and stating her finace gave her the most important role, motherhood; he then turned that into a diatribe on teen, unwed mothers and their dependence on welfare, inability to get a job saying portman was a bad example

Despite the fact portman has a career not just a job, was being honored for her career not her rerproductive capability, has plenty of money, is well educated with a BA in psychology, and is not a teenager

bit go ahead and think oboma is the worst that could happen to america

I do know english and proper punctuation what i'm not going to do is get carpal tunnal and joint damage responding to your support of this authors idiotic diatribe. and it's not that you can't understand what i said it's that you would rather focus on my supposed flaws than focus on the issues i raised 1 being that none of the republican cadidates have any business it the whitehouse, that Obama is the sane cadidate this time around period

-_- Really? What are you trying to do? Wake people up? From what? You know something is wrong, get off your *** and do some real research not all this bullcrap a bunch of schizophrenics think up (trust me my borther is one). If you want answers message me or something, the truth is simpler than you think.

He has no details. Like all conspiracy theorists he just makes **** up as he goes along. He has no facts which is exactly why he will never engage in intelligent conversation. He fires shots across the bow to get people ruffled.

What exactly is it you think obama is doing that is bypassing the congress and constitution.<br />
<br />
Why are you calling Obama "genetically altered"?<br />
<br />
Maybe if you could give details it would be easier to understand