... and flushes the remaining pieces down the toilet



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Write him in if he is not on the ballot.

ron paul for president

Ron Pual, That's not gonna happen, I guess its Romney. <br />
<br />
<br />
Romney vs Obama, they both suck in any way.<br />
end of story.

RON PAUL 2012!!

I am amazed how the corporate controlled media completely blacked out Ron Paul, and makes it appear that the only selection for president of the US is Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Thank you for the message, as I was not aware that Dr. Ron Paul MD was running for president of the US.

That's actually believe Fox news is real news. lol

Yes i watched the video it seemed from the story posted that it was anti Paul good to see thats pro Paul on here been starting to think there wasent is searched for it but couldent find any last time i looked

You say that Ron Paul is bad for us and will flush what we have left down the drain we have nothing left we are lossing our rights our freedoms that this country was ba<x>sed and founded on by the day they are already working on taking away the 2nd ammendment the one that lets us keep all the other rights and freedoms onces thats gone its all over for the american people the terrorist and power mongers would have won we cant let that happen people Ron Paul wants to bring us back to the days when we were a true nation most powerfull respected and feared not the most hated nation in the world like we are now he has the suport of the american people and the troops his money doesent come from banks owned by foreign interests like obama and romney do he gets his money from the average american and our troops we suport him and fund him no one else with romney you are voting for the same thing as what we have just a different party and light skinned thats is all he is he would still be destroying our rights and freedoms and it needs to end we need to spread Ron Pauls message and fight to keep our freedoms vote Ron Paul and keep america true