Madeline Mccann Ghost

She came to me for help .... She had dark brown hair with black eyes she was wearing old fashion dark black & gray dress & she was wearing a pony tale & she was not wearing any shoes at all I see her dirty feet that's it she want us to find her that's she say to me I do see ghost even her in my drawling she had 2 abused marks around her neck she was looking all sad when I saw her fully aberration now she wants be found but she dose not know who kill her she wants say she miss her family tell them she's not alive shes dead yes I'm telling the truth no I'm not making this up Madeline McCann is dead she wants be found but she lost some where how I know this I see ghost ghost is real no I'm not crazy telling the truth
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

i hope the people responsible receive upmost from his highest in the sentencing in the hell they will be in when judgment comes around..they are not forgiven by GOD by no means..and I sure they realize this...they will never be forgiven BY GOD

madeline mccann is not deceased...however we can always hope and pray that those responsible for tormenting her family will receive the death penalty...