I am an American. I have great respect for other countries as well. I do not like to hear anything bad said about other places or people in the world. I think that other countries are great. There are many places here in this world and we should all have respect for one another. I am also interested in foreign customs and cultures.
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i live in Canada so that makes me an American to :)


i appreciate your thoughts. u r really good person.<br />
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Best Wishes

Thank you best wishes to you too I hope you are having a great day

In the world many people earning money on net so thanks to usa, my teen ager son earns 1000 dolor, thanks usa. but there are many things to Cristie too.<br />
we want usa work for humanity and poorly, in that case will be real great usa.

Yes that should be more important. Helping people in this world is more important than riches or wealth or how big your house is or what kind of car you drive or how many you have or what kind of clothes you wear.

Kailyn, i like yours words, yes true if we are enjoying all blessing of life,we should too think about those who are suffering and there life is just for how to survive.

Thank you yes that would be good if more people were concerned about others. :)

In fairness, and I hate to be fair to the old Soviet Union, a huge number of Soviet soldiers died fighting Nazi Germany.

Yes a huge number of Soviets died fighting Hitler, something that may not have been necessary if Stalin had not formed an early alliance with NAZI Germany.

I think that it would have been necessary anyway because it was a central part of Hitler's intentions to acquire German lebensraum in the East. Soviet casualties might have been reduced if (a) Stalin had not purged tens of thousands of army officers before the war and/or (b) Stalin had believed the British and his own intelligence warnings that Hitler intended to attack.

I think there are many great countries, but none is as great as the USA. This is a country that took in poor refugees from all over the world, gave them freedom and a chance to make something of themselves. America is a country that defeated the Nazis and the Soviets, two of the greatest evils ever. I have relatives who were in concentration camps whose lives were saved by American soldiers. Think of it: Americans traveling thousands of miles, spending billions of dollars, fighting their way across Europe and saving my people from certain extinction. And then, spending billions more to feed starving people all across Europe. As Jewish-American girl who likes history, i honor Israel, but there would be no such place if it wasn't for America.

Well said. You took the words right out of my brain. It may not be in fashion but I love my country and I believe in American exceptionalism. There are other great countries in the world but the US is mine and I'm not ashamed to root for the home team.

yes I think the holocaust was terrible I have been interested in reading about it for as long as I can remember I am glad that some of your relatives were saved I think it is great there are many different cultures in America

Right we should like the country we live in as well as have respect for others

Yes, the Soviets fought well, but remember, they had an alliance with the Nazis and carved up Poland before Hitler double-crossed them. The Russians were almost as bad as the Nazis. As for the Brits and their pals, there wouldn't be a Britain today if not for the USA; it would be part of Germany or Russia.

Yes many positives, but many negatives too , what is done with Iraq and in Afghanistan.?
Iraq destried for oil American knows, nothing wrong with amaracan people they are friendly . any way every supper power does that, so we can not accuse only usa. if we read history for colonialism every supper power done the same.
That,s why its said might is right :-)

What is a supper power? Somebody who eats a lot? My uncle must be one of those.

yes we should only be there if necessary and not stay longer that what is said I think

True :-)

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